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Burnaby Family Photography | 5 reasons to print your photos

1. There’s no time for digital

Dawn of the digital age meant that hard drive space was getting more affordable. It totally helped me out a lot to be able to save my image to my computer and hard drive. But over the years, as I started to archive more and more of my memories, I realized, I never had the time to go through and look at those photos again.

2. Prints make good conversation

You can share your images over a cell phone but it’s not the same as flipping through a nice box of prints or album. Prints slow you down. They make you pause. They give you a chance to tell a story and relive your memories in a way that is engaging.

3. They make good coffee table pieces

We often seek to be unique but end up copying a style or design we saw in a magazine, I know I have. Having a custom designed album that matches your interior decor is one of a kind!

4. Do it for the future generations

One of my favourite things to do over the holidays or when I’m visiting my grandparents back in Singapore and Malaysia is to look through all their albums. Back in 2016, my aunt pulled out my grandparent’s cookie tin of wedding photos. Yes, a cookie tin! Each image unfolded a time in my grandparent’s life that was special to them. If not for those moments, I wouldn’t exist! Those photos sparked a conversation about my family history and how they ended up where they were waaaaay back in the day. I love flipping through these prints and albums now and guarantee your future mini me’s will enjoy it just the same when they’re old enough.

5. Tangible moments never get outdated

When I first started my career in photography, we delivered images on DVDs. A year later, we moved on to USBs as smart TVs were born and many companies were phasing out disc readers on computers and laptops – heck I don’t even have one on either of my computers now. Now, everything is delivered to you online. DVDs & USBs are now obsolete but prints have a much longer shelf life and you know will not expire with the growth of technology. Print houses are stepping up their game and enhancing the technology on the printing side of things now and producing amazing archival quality imagery that you know will not get outdated. Perhaps when your grandchildren get to your albums, they might have that dust-covered crusty cover just like my grandparents’. But the memories inside will be as crisp a the days you lived them.

“Jamie was so great to work with! She gets to know you on a real personal level. I’m a total shy person when it comes to other people taking photos of me, but she makes it so everything comes so naturally! My 1-year-old daughter Sofia just loved her as well! The photo quality was amazing and the prints were just as amazing!” – Ming



My name is Jamie Poh and I have 8 years experience in the industry and have shot over 100 weddings & family sessions. Need a photographer? I’d love to hear more!

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