I’ll be honest, a few years ago, I didn’t believe in printing my photos. I did have the odd album here and there of my travels but I never kept a consistent print record of our adventures. When I look back now, I really wish I did!! Just thinking of pulling out that old hard drive to go through all the photos is daunting! It’s going to take me forever.

I took all my photos taken with my phone and filed them into folders by year. I said, well I’ll look back on them eventually. Thousands of photos later, they still sit on my hard drive. I rarely ever look at them.

On occasion, while cleaning my room, I stumble across a box or folder of prints that I’d gotten made at the time and actually pause for a moment to flip through them. As I flip through, I laugh, I giggle, or maybe feel a bit of a tear start to form. Something about a tangible photo just makes it much more…real.



Back in the day, my grandparents put their photographs in cookie tins as that’s all they had. I’m so excited to be able to offer beautiful wooden heirloom boxes for you to house your prints in. These boxes hold around 25-30 square or 4×6 prints comfortably!

Choose prints from the standard sizes such as 4×6, 5×7 or 8×10. Matte, Glossy or Deep Matte textures. Deep Matte is my new favourite! Or change things up with another one of my favourites, Square Matte Art Cards.



Your album is like a storybook. When I photograph your wedding or family session, I am constantly thinking of how the story unfolds. I’m capturing moments big, little and in between. When it comes time to design your album, you’ll have┬álots of photos to choose from. Customize your albums to match your decor or event theme.┬áPick from 3 different sizes, 8×8, 10×10 or 12×12. Standard binding or premium lay flat. Choose from an array of different cover colour options in either linen or vegan leather. Bonus, all albums are made locally here in Canada.



Selecting the images, sizes and textures to print on is the tough part! It’s probably one of the reasons why we say “Ugh! This is too difficult! I’ll do it later”. I totally get it, as that’s the same feeling I go through! This is why I offer everyone who has booked a wedding or session with me a Custom Print Session. Let’s go for a coffee or beer to pick your absolute favourite photos to print as a box set or for your album. I’ll be there to answer any questions you might have right off the bat.


Want to have prints or albums made for family? Unsure of what they’d like? Send a gift card and let them select their own products!

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My name is Jamie Poh and I have 8 years experience in the industry and have shot over 100 weddings & family sessions. Got a session done but didn’t opt for prints or an album at the time? It’s not too late!!

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