I am currently on a mission to get through all the digital files of all our travels to start building them into albums. Just thinking of pulling out that old hard drive though is daunting! It’s going to take me forever. Over the years, I’ve taken all my digital images and filed them into folders by activity, by month, by year. I told myself, I’ll get through them one day and make some prints. Thousands of photos later, they still sit on my hard drive. I rarely ever look at them. It panics me to think that one day my hard drive just might not turn on anymore (it’s happened before) and I’d lose all those memories. This is why I truly believe that printing you absolute favourite moments is so important.


Every Collection comes with a PIN-protected online gallery where you will have the opportunity to make print & enlargement selections through a premium lab that I partner with. They ensure the absolute highest quality of papers and finishes and all orders a shipped directly to your door. Select from a variety of sizes from wallets up to 24″x30″ in lustre, canvass or metal print finishes.


Your album is like a storybook. When I photograph your wedding or family session, I am constantly thinking of how the story unfolds. I’m capturing moments big, little and in between. When it comes time to design your album, you’ll have lots of photos to choose from. Customize your albums to match your decor or event theme. Pick from sizes 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 with different choices of paper types. Choose from an array of different cover colour options in linen, silk, buckram, cotton or vegan leather or image wrap. All album designs are custom made by me with 2 opportunities to make any changes. All albums are made locally here in Canada on certified environmentally friendly papers.


You can’t possibly print them all. And you really shouldn’t. While I believe in print, it’s also important to carefully curate and select only your absolute favourite images. This is totally not an easy task which is why I offer a complimentary print & album design session where we will go through this process together. Let’s go for a drink to pick your absolute favourite photos to print as a box set or for your album. I’ll be there to answer any questions you might have right off the bat.

Photo Organization & Editing

Have photos on your phone? On your hard drive? Not sure where to even begin? Let me help! Custom organization and basic editing services available. Free consultation and custom pricing based on the scope of each project.


Want to have prints or albums made for your partner or family? Unsure of what they’d like? Send a digital gift card and let them select their own products! Printed gift cards available upon request.

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