Hey, I'm Jamie

I've always known that I'd end up doing something creative with my life. When I was a pre-schooler, I remember my dad bringing me to his office where he'd set me up at a table with the largest piece of paper he could find and markers of all the colours you could possibly imagine. These were the good kind of markers that architects would use to draft designs, none of that non-toxic Crayola stuff. So let's just say the standards were set pretty high for me as a kid. Because of this, for the greater part of my childhood, I just knew that I'd be a world-famous artist one day. 
Fast forward quite a number of years since I'm not quiiiite a world-famous artist, but over the last 10+ years of my journey as a creative, I've let go of some passions and picked up others. I pushed myself creatively to learn the skills and technology to become a better photographer. But at the end of the day, I realized, it wasn't entirely about the art at all. It was about the people. Of course, skill & talent is important but it's understanding the connections and emotions that really make a photograph speak to you. This is where I come in. 
Your memories aren't just a piece of art or snapshot in time, they're your story and it's happening faster than you know it. I've had the pleasure of working with many couples and families over the years and take pride in not only capturing the emotions & connections of their celebrations but also fitting in seamlessly into their friend groups & family. Sometimes I even get asked "Which side of the family are you from?". :)
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Let's get to know each other
The best way for us to decide if we are a good match is by a good face to face chat. Let's go for coffee, tea, beer, wine, ice cream, cake, you name it, I'll be there.
During our meeting, we'll get to know each other and about your vision and dreams for your photography. 
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My Beliefs

Family first
We start off as acquaintances and soon become good friends. Good friends are like family and nothing matters more than family.
Honesty, always
In both business & photography, we take care in being honest in communication, expression and craft.
It takes a bit of Courage
It takes a little bit of courage and one small step to get closer to our goals. 
Celebrate Failure
Failure isn't bad and is a necessity in order for us to grow. So rather than dwelling on it, we aim to learn from our mistakes quickly and become better the next time around.
Live Simply
Life is fast and it is busy. Why complicate it more? A clear mind leads to a clear goal and a higher likelihood of us getting to where we want to be.
Do it once and do it well
If you do it well the first time, you won't need to do it again. This is something that I aim for in all aspects of my business and craft from shooting, editing to printing.

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