I grew up in Singapore, a very competitive society and environment which meant that since the age of oh, 6 or 7, my life revolved around after school tutoring and exams (which I absolutely dreaded!). While my parents were very serious about my education, they also valued time off together as a family. Fondest memories from my childhood have been making paper mache messes with my sister and beach days with my family. We would observe the little catfish that swam in the currents and build sandcastles. I miss those days.

At the age of 12, in hopes of starting a new life for us, my family moved to Canada which we now call home. Seeing snow fall from the sky for the first time is still one of the most magical experiences of my life and I’m currently still on a journey in discovering what it means to be Canadian, eh? Most of my family still live in Singapore & Malaysia and I go back to visit every few years.

My partner and I met in Film school. I wrote a note on a receipt with my phone number and taped it to a drink he usually bought (I worked at the school cafe). He called me 3 days later which he told me was the “rule”. Fast forward 9 years, we now live in a little condo in Burnaby with our dog, Buhda. We love spending our time hiking, camping, travelling, chillin’ at the beach and being outdoors. Our big dream is to own land on the Sunshine Coast with a big house, a yard, shed and goats, pigs, sheep, alpacas (we’ll take them all if we could!).

Having lost my uncle and grandmother to cancer and watching society around me stress about the littlest things in life, I’ve taken it upon myself to learn to meditate and to appreciate the simplest of moments. This is why I love photographing human connections and all the little in between moments that tend to pass us by so quickly. These moments don’t last forever – don’t wait til it’s too late to enjoy and preserve them.

Why Choose Jmeshoots?

  • You’re down to earth and madly in love
  • You love working with a super duper friendly, a little goofy and fun photographer
  • You believe in candid moments, true connections & human emotion
  • You want to document the real you, not just another trend
  • You value all the big moments and also everything in between
  • You believe in tangible moments and want to create prints, albums & heirlooms to help preserve your family history
  • You want a stress free day spent with your friends & family
  • You don’t mind ninja-photo-taking around you in order to get the absolute best angles and emotions of the day
  • You want to continue documenting not just your wedding but also your journey as a family
  • You’re down for a beverage at a local hang out to chat about how we can work together to make your vision a reality and also talk about your favourite places to travel to, hiking and how cute our fur babies are
  • You love simple options

I like to see us as potential friends. If you like what you see and feel the same way, I’d love to chat over coffee, beer or maybe ice cream?! I’m here to capture life, not to judge. We’re all different which is what makes us great! Whether you’re from the same or different cultures, traditional or not so traditional, same or opposite gender, young or old, I’d love to work with you.

Let’s enjoy the simple things in life and make some memories!

Can I take you for ice cream?   Pretty Please!

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