I was that kid in school who always had a camera on hand to document silly moments of classmates. Today, I am that friend who has her camera out at dinner time to get a shot of everyone’s meal before we eat.

“I marvel at the human connection and am so glad that my parents made sure to document all our moments, good & bad.”

Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Since I was born, there hasn’t been an occasion or milestone undocumented by my dad. Some of my favourite moments I remember as a kid have been beach days with my family, making paper mache messes with my sister, making silly faces at the camera and spending time with all our pets growing up. I marvel at the human connection and am so glad that my parents made sure to document all our moments, good & bad.

A Few jamie facts

– My day does not begin without a cup of coffee
– In the summer I love camping, hiking, travelling & photographing life on the streets
– Favourite lazy day activities: Binge watching shows on Netflix & Crafting
– Favourite furry creature: Puppies! (Alpacas are a close 2nd)
– I’m the worst at keeping plants alive, but I love them oh so much!!!
– Guilty pleasure: Blasting Latin tunes in my car even though I can’t quite sing along
– Most magical moment: When I get to the very top of a hike and take that view in for the first time
– Confession: I am a bit of an awkward turtle in large social environments but once I get to know you, I can be goofy & silly!
– In the winter, I love going on local adventures to photograph snowy landscapes.


The animal you see in my logo is a Jaguar. Like me, these cats are shy creatures – you’ve probably never seen one in the wild. I know I haven’t! They are also a symbol to “face one’s fears” and of power. Jaguars are beautiful creatures that live in the jungle, love to play in the water and have great vision. For these reasons, I’ve chosen this beautiful cat to represent me and my brand!



While my relationship with you is technically business to client, I prefer to see us as potential friends. If you like what you see and feel the same way, I’d love to chat over coffee, beer or perhaps one of your favourite beverages that you’d like to share! If our styles don’t quite jive, hey, no hard feelings. We’re just different is all. Looking forward to hanging out and getting some great photos taken!


My Promise

Vancouver Documentary Photographer - Family Albums

“You know that sense of happiness you feel on the inside? Those are CALLED warm fuzzies.”

Have you ever looked back at those crunchy, dusty photo albums that your mom put together when you were growing up? You know that odd mix of feels that say, “omg is there going to be something embarrassing coming up?!” and “oh my LOOK at our childhood playground!”? Those are called warm fuzzies. Every time I look through photos of a point in my life that I might not have been around for, it generates a feeling, a spark, whether that’s giggling at that bowl haircut and those terrible bangs. Or maybe an emotional time during your grandparents’ lives. Every time I look back at old photos, I open up a world of understanding of myself. I want every session you book with me to be like that, true & organic.

During your session, I want you to do what truly matters, and that is to spend time with your loved ones. Be silly, laugh, cry, jump, run. Cherish these moments, because they go by so quickly.

I am not your mall portrait studio. I am not going to pose you in a way that is unnatural and uncomfortable to you. My goal is to capture true, raw and organic moments because that is what matters most. When you look back at your photos, 10, 20, 30 years from now, I want you to flip through those photo albums and remember these moments for how they actually were, not a copy of someone else.

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