I take photos not just for you, but for your children and your children’s children.

Your Life Unorchestrated

6:00 am mornings. Throw up and mushy poop. Pancakes in the shapes of race cars and butterflies. Moments of oh-sh*t-you-did-not-just-draw-on-the-wall. Kitchen floor meltdowns for who even knows what reason. This is your everyday. While milestones and anniversaries are special because they only come once a year, it’s the other 364 days that you’ll look back on and hold dear to your heart. Rollercoaster days won’t last forever. Don’t wait til too late. Document them now.

The Documentary Approach

Connections & emotions are a big part of any life event. We work so hard to get things to be a certain way. But it’s in the moments that we let go and go with the flow that they naturally fall into place. This is why I love a documentary approach to my photography. The best images come from moments where you are enjoying yourself, happy and relaxed, not worrying about where to look or what to do with your hands so most of your day is photographed in this style. When I arrive at your wedding or home, I am looking for images that tell a story and am on a constant lookout for moments, details, laughter and emotion. I am looking for the hysterical laughter from Aunt Margaret and the tear that is just about to stream down dad’s face. At your family session, I’m looking for the tiniest of details like Belle’s toy bunny that she won’t seem to let go of. I’m capturing all the little elements that will tell your story from start to end, family, furbabies and friends included! You may think your life is messy, hectic, boring, crazy, but I promise you there is magic in the seemingly mundane and beauty in each and every one of you. Focus on spending time with your loved ones, I’ll do the rest.

I specialize in telling stories through photos. I will not tell you where to place your hands or where to look, nor will I be bossy or direct you in any way.

Up Close & Personal

Movies are best enjoyed on a big screen. This takes us on a journey into the film and it makes us feel like we are a character in the story. This is the same when it comes to still images. Sometimes I am the fly on the wall or photo ninja zipping back and forth. But on occasion, I will step in real close and be a part of the party. You might notice me at first, like a stinky fart (LOL), but after a while, it’ll be as if I wasn’t even there. I promise that when you look back on the images, you will relive these memories as if you were right there all over again.



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