My Grandparent's Wedding Story

A spark of curiosity ignited in me a couple years ago when visiting my family in Singapore and Malaysia. It dawned on me that I had to ask all the questions that I needed before it was too late.

My Ah Gong put a lot of value into having professional photos taken at their wedding. As I leafed through each of their wedding photographs, I noticed a mix of photojournalism or "reportage" styled images as well as a few formal portraits which showed all the people in the family as well as the wedding party. This mix of photograph styles really tells the story of how my grandparent's wedding day unfolded and a reason why I photograph in this style as well, with a little more of a modern spin on things of course!

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This photograph won a Merit at the PPOC BC Regional Salon as well as best Observer Award

the Documentary approach

Your Life Unorchestrated

I believe that honest photographs tell the best stories. Connections & emotions are a big part of any life event. It’s in the moments that we let go and go with the flow that life naturally falls into place. This is why I love a documentary approach to my photography. The best images come from moments where you are enjoying yourself, happy and relaxed. When I arrive at your wedding or home, I am looking for images that tell a story and am on a constant lookout for moments, details, laughter and emotion. I am looking for that tear just about to stream down your dad's face, who by the way, never cries. At your family session, I’m looking for the tiniest of details like Belle’s toy bunny that she won’t seem to let go of. And you know that Bunny will be something that's practically a part of the family. I’m capturing all the little elements that will tell your story from start to end, family, furbabies and friends included! Focus on spending time with your loved ones, I’ll do the rest.

Family Formals

Lists, lining people up, smiles and a bit of family chaos. For some, this might be daunting. But trust me, these memories are just as important. There is something classic and timeless about a family formal. While I love the documentary approach, I believe there is something to be said about a great group portrait. I'll work with you to make this happen seamlessly. 

Up Close & Personal

Movies are best enjoyed on a big screen. This takes us on a journey into the film and it makes us feel like we are a character in the story. This is the same when it comes to still images. Sometimes I am the fly on the wall or photo ninja zipping back and forth. But on occasion, I will step in real close and be a part of the party. You might notice me at first, but after a while, it’ll be as if I wasn’t even there. I promise that when you look back on the images, you will relive these memories as if you were right there all over again.


My wedding collections come with single or double photographer options. Having a second photographer ensures you have alternate options for specific parts of your day such as during your ceremony, having both angles captured simultaneously gives us both your expressions during this exciting moment. All second shooters who work with me have the same level of experience and photograph in a similar style so rest assured your images will all match. 

Am I the Photographer for you?

You're Hiring a Professional

Anyone can snap a photo but taking a great photograph requires that the photographer is in the right place, at the right time and has the technical knowledge to capture a story within one frame. This comes with experience, anticipation and patience. I photograph full time and am consistently increasing my education in technology, printable products and skills. I do this by putting aside a portion of my income to invest back into online courses, conferences and joining professional organizations. I aim for the best and shoot every image keeping in mind of the elements that make a good photograph, composition, lighting and emotion. I'm in this for the long game and have been photographing couples and families since 2010. 

Can we be friends?

I believe that great photographs also come when you're comfortable with who you're working with which is why I encourage an in-person meeting with every booking. This helps us get to know each other and if our personalities match. You are, after all, inviting me to photograph a very intimate part of your life so we may as well get along! My clients and I continue on our relationships after the wedding day and many have invited me back into their homes to capture the next milestones of their journey, starting a family. 

Full Service & Guarantee

Clients book me for my vision and service. Your journey with me doesn't end with me covering your event and delivering you files on your computer. Lean on me for advice on planning, referrals of other vendors you might be in need of still or just someone to lend an ear. I believe that your photographs are meant to be enjoyed in tangible form which is why all clients receive access to Premium Photo and Album Design Labs. These labs take photography very seriously and only offer high-quality archival grade photographs. I've taken the time to research labs, the longevity of different paper types, what materials are being sourced to create custom frames and more. All products that are offered have been curated to ensure top quality which ensures your images will last. I want you to feel confident on all your product purchases, so a complimentary design session is included to help ensure you're making the right choices. You're invited to come into studio to take a look at product options for how you can best display your photographs or make these decisions through your online store. If there's a mistake that's made on my part, I'll ensure it is corrected. 

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I take photos not just for you, but for your children and your children's children.

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