This photograph won a Merit at the PPOC BC Regional Salon as well as best Observer Award

The Documentary Approach

What is a documentary Photographer?

You may have heard of other names for this type of photography such as candid, photojournalistic, reportage or editorial. Street photography is a big example of this style of photography where the photographer works as an observer of the day. Documentary photographers don't do anything to alter, orchestrate or change the scene and let situations and moments unfold naturally and honestly. This results in photographs that speak for themselves, are heartfelt, tell a story and replicate the emotions of your day. 

WHY Hire a Documentary Photographer?

Why be predictable? The best moments unfold when we trust in letting life decide for us where our memories will take us, not a copy of a photo you saw in a magazine. I believe that honest photographs tell the best stories. Connections & emotions are a big part of any life event. It’s in the moments that we let go of picture perfect and go with the flow that life naturally falls into place. I approach all sessions knowing that anything could happen. Maybe dad, who never cries, will be bawling his eyes out as he walks you down the aisle or maybe you will (and you're not even a crier). I find myself immersed in your day from both your perspective and also your extra pair of eyes that can add different angles. 
Documentary photos offer not only beautiful photos to see but to feel. This is your story and I invite you to enjoy the day you've spent months planning, to have fun and I'll be there to capture every moment of it. 

As your documentary photographer:

  • I'm discreet & unobtrusive
  • I believe that your photographs should be about telling a story
  • I'm basically a guest at your wedding
  • My style is candid & natural
  • I believe in only the best quality prints & albums to display your photographs

Family Formals

The majority of your wedding day is photographed in a Documentary fashion, however, while I strongly believe that the best way to tell your story is through unorchestrated imagery, I also believe that having a good set of family portraits is timeless. I have parents and grandparents who absolutely love and value these types of images and imagine yours would too. I offer some guidance through every portrait session to ensure everyone is looking tip top and we capture every combination on your list in a timely manner. 

Up Close & Personal

Movies are best enjoyed on a big screen. This takes us on a journey into the film and it makes us feel like we are a character in the story. This is the same when it comes to still images. Sometimes I am the fly on the wall or photo ninja zipping back and forth. But on occasion, I will step in real close and be a part of the party. You might notice me at first, but after a while, it’ll be as if I wasn’t even there. I promise that when you look back on the images, you will relive these memories as if you were right there all over again. 

"When we met her in person, we were instantly connected with her kind spirit and thoughtful personality. She went above and beyond for our engagement shoot and our wedding day, and she is a professional that we boast to all our friends and family. She is organized, timely, and truly enjoys documenting these big days full of little moments--and she does an amazing job capturing those moments beautifully."

Natasha & Darryl

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