Top 6 Tips for planning youR Lakeside Wedding

Photo of a my little pony themed guys night wedding party

  1. Rent an Airbnb to get ready at

Do you live close to a lake? If not, you’ll probably be expecting to travel a bit to get to your wedding venue. Rather than booking yourself into a hotel, why not rent an Airbnb instead! This gives you a private condo or whole house where you and your closest friends get ready and not worry about being in a cramped room. Family can come get ready there as well!

Photo of beautiful white tent at The Hart House in Burnaby on a sunny day 2. Set aside time to take in the view

You’re obviously getting married in a beautiful location. Take some time to research the surroundings. Spend a few days touring the sites. Scout out good spots for your wedding photo session.

Photo of a cute bride & groom from behind some leaves in a tree3. Do a first look

First looks are intimate. Share the experience together or with your closest friends only and spend some quiet time together before your “I Do’s”. It’ll be romantic!

Photo of bride and groom getting married with Deer Lake in the background4. Plan for bad & great weather

It’s never what we hope for but it’s always a good idea to have a plan B in case it does decide to rain. Most wedding venues have an alternative to their outdoor ceremony location. It’s best to chat with your venue to make sure ahead of time. Sometimes you can have your chairs set up and just wait out a short shower.

Why would we need to plan if the weather is going to be great? If you’re getting married in the middle of the summer, we know how hot it can get! Be sure to keep your guests well hydrated and have your venue provide a water station. Your guests will be very happy!

Photo of wedding guests playing parachute game5. PLAY lawn games

Unleash the inner child in all of your guests with some fun lawn games. It helps break the ice and it’s fun!

Photo of bride and groom kissing with Deer Lake in the background

6. Sneak out for sunset photos

Beautiful place, beautiful couple, beautiful light. How can you go wrong? Sneak out with your photographer for sunset photos!!

Photo of bride and groom dancing inside gorgeous tent at The Hart House in Burnaby

I know you’re going to spend the rest of your lives together but lastly remember to have fun and be present with one another!



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