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Day in the Life of the Ryan Family.

The Ryans invited me into their household last weekend to document what it meant to be to BE a Ryan. This is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to take photos of this lovely family and boy do they do life well!

Our day started bright and early at around 8:30 am. I had brought coffee & hot chocos for the family and hoped I’d get there in time for breakfast. Looks like grandma beat me though! She was already there to hang out with the family.

Littlest Ryan, Max was already awake when I had arrived and mum was just about getting his pancakes going (pancakes in the designs of “Cars” characters that is!). While Max sat and ate his pancake, grandma or “Ah-Bu” was on her iPhone doing a bit of research for her 60th birthday party! As they had just recently done up their kitchen, Dad was making final touches on their beautiful white tile. Elleody was making the most of her weekend morning and catching a few more minutes of sleep before Max jumped into bed to wake her up.

Every family has a routine. For myself, it’s getting a cup of coffee going in my french press. For the Ryans, music mornings is what it’s about. We danced and sang to songs from Moana and played tag with Neo, their labradoodle!

Hanging out with the Ryans really brought back memories of when I was a kid. Once Elleody was up and done breakfast, she sat at the kitchen island and started on her Math homework. Oh, those were the days when my mum plopped me down at a table and had me doing my addition and subtraction.

When the sun was finally out, Dad and Max headed outside to play with their RC car. Boy was that thing fast. They zipped the car back and forth along the street, both super eager for their turn on the wheel. Even Neo wanted to be part of the excitement.

Soon, great grandma and auntie showed up and we headed out to do a Costco run to get treats for grandma’s birthday party. I’m not sure what it is, perhaps this comes with age, but going on a Costco run just sounded so exciting. There, I said it. It’s almost as exciting as spending 3-4 hours at IKEA. 🙂

The 5 of us hopped into mum’s car and we were on our way! Ell and I zipped around the aisles. Anytime she saw something she wanted to show me, there’d be an “Auntie Jamie, look at this!” or “Auntie Jamie, let’s go try that!”. This must be another feeling that comes with age, Auntie Jamie!?! Why does that just make my heart melt? As you know, Costco is known for their free sample stations. You could probably have an entire meal plus dessert by the time you’re done there. Ham, more ham, sweet potato crackers, smokies, spinach smoothies… mmm!! Ell had her heart set on the lasagna but it wasn’t quite oven ready yet. So we did what most professional Costco sample tasters do, we waited… Once we got our lasagna, we were satisfied and ready to head home. Last stop, Costco ice cream cones!

Ryans, you do life well!

Day in the Life sessions are not your usual family session. There is no posing. No one gets dressed in that shirt you’d never ever wear at home. Nothing is staged or forced. We just do life and make memories. I’d love to hear more about your story. Send me a message and we can get yours booked today! 🙂



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