I get so excited when a family wants a Day in the Life session done. In this case, it was a “morning in the life” of with Michele & Maxwell. These two start their days in the wee hours of the morning. Michele mentioned that they don’t particularly have planned days but reading, crafting and spending time with each other are usually top on the list.

This day was special. The city had got its first snowfall! While it was only a tiny 3-4 inches deep, Maxwell considered this a “SNOW DAY!!!! YAYYY!!”. As Michele and I tried to get some coffee flowing through our veins, Max was already getting his boots on to head outside to make a snowman. So began the toddler roller coaster ride of emotions.

Maxwell was a bundle of energy. Just the week before, these two were battling a bit of a cold and were stuck in bed, unfortunately. For Maxwell though, this was a bit of a treat as it meant that he could watch some cartoons on Netflix while in bed. They had watched the LEGO Ninjago movie (one I hadn’t seen yet!!). Of course, while I was there, Maxwell had to show me his ninja skills. He zipped back and forth past us in the kitchen, whipping his arms up and down like a ninja would, still eager to get his snowsuit and boots on to go outside. Michele and I reluctantly agreed to pop out for 5 minutes! But first, snowsuit!

At this point in my photography career, I’ve had a chance to work with quite a few age groups. But most of the time I’m photographing peaceful newborns. Now toddlers are a whole different story. Toddlers love to play. They’re wild with imagination but also seem to be learning how to handle their feelings. Did I mention toddler roller coaster ride of emotions?

After spending a bit of time out in the snow, we popped back in for a bit of warm up and some breakfast. Max got his favourite rainbow peace pants on and we settled down at the table for some play dough time. Shortly after, we adjourned to the back room to play with toys. Moments later, we played hide & seek. A few meltdown’s later, we found ourselves upstairs in time out. Maxwell had a leg of a chair that he’d pulled off before being carried upstairs. After a bit of wibbly wobblying on the ground, he took interest in a white sheet and pretended to be a ghost. Let’s just say, spending a day with a toddler is quite eventful! Dear moms, I don’t know how you do it, but you are super.

Dear Michele, you have a beautiful bond with your son and I hope that the both of you never lose that. Thanks for having me over to play. I loved capturing these moments of you and Maxwell and hope that one day both of you will look back on these and smile.



My name is Jamie and I have 8 years experience in the industry and have shot over 100 weddings & family sessions. Day in the life sessions are a great way to capture those in-between moments. I’d love to hear more about your story.

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  • Thanks so much Jamie for doing this session for us! I love that through the toddler rollercoaster you were still able to see that we have such a special bond. These photos are everything for me! xo

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