Ty is always up for going out on a photo walk and I think over the years, just from watching me, he’s learned how to use my cameras and does have an eye for framing a shot! I should start bringing him along to my shoots!

I always pass by this grassy field on my way to work. Occasionally, I see photographers standing on the side of the road snapping photos of the sunrise and fog and I have the urge to stop and join them!

The other day I passed by and saw that all the grass had turned brown and flattened by the rain. Photo walk time! Sometimes it’s nice to be the one in front of the camera for a change 🙂

2016-02-06_0015 2016-02-06_0016 2016-02-06_0017 2016-02-06_0018 2016-02-06_0019 2016-02-06_0020 2016-02-06_0021 2016-02-06_0022 2016-02-06_0023 2016-02-06_0024 2016-02-06_0025 2016-02-06_0026

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