Together with their absolute closest friends and family, Josie and Mike exchanged vows in the intimate garden at the Delta Country Inn. Nestled away amongst lots of farmland, you’d never think to find a cozy country inn tucked away alongside the Fraser River. While its surroundings are quite industrial, Deas Island is just a stone throw away, perfect for photos with your bridal party.

Once they said their “I Do’s”, friends and family gathered for hugs and celebratory champagne then we moseyed on over to a perfect little field behind the Inn’s pool where we snapped some family portraits. It was nice to see some familiar faces as I’d just photographed Mike’s sister’s wedding just the year before!

Why are Family Portraits still important?

Everyone loves candid moments. They’re natural, show emotion and you don’t need to pose or smile necessarily for the photo to look good. Sometimes a happy cry makes a great photo! While 90% of your day would be captured in this style of images, the family portrait session is still just as important! These images will make it to a couple pages of your wedding album and probably even framed and put on your parents or grandparents mantle.

Tips for your family portrait session:

  1. Give your photographer a list of all the combinations of photos you’d like taken. (Ex. Bride, Groom & Bride’s Parents)
  2. Pick a location close by so friends & family don’t have far to walk to.
  3. Have a family friend call out names. Family friends are more familiar with your family and can easily help have people ready for their photo.
  4. Relax and let your photographer do the work. Nothing is worse than stress on your wedding day! This can be seen in your images so take a big breath, enjoy your day and smile!

After a quick family formal session, the crew and I hopped into our cars and made it for Deas Island, just 5 minutes away. This little island is rich with tall grasses and trees. There are little trails that go all around the island with little look outs along the way overlooking the Fraser River. Josie & Mike were slightly nervous at first but after a few laughs and some dancing, we got all the photos we needed.

In order to hop in line at the buffet table, a theme word was called out and each table had to sing a song with that word in it as quickly and loudly as they could to be next in line. Love it!

The rest of the evening was spent listening to heartwarming childhood stories,  catching up with friends & family and dancing the night away.

Congrats Josie & Mike!


So you’re planning to have your wedding in Delta

Here’s what’s close by:

  • Delta Country Inn – Rooms, a mini garden, pool, dining room and greenery makes a cute spot for a wedding!
  • Deas Island – A little oasis in the middle of farmland and industrial buildings. Perfect picnic spot and great outdoor photos.
  • Krispy Kreme Donuts – Pop out with your wedding party for a donut break just 15 minutes away from the Delta Country Inn.
  • Boundary Bay Regional Park – Drive 20 minutes south from the Delta Country Inn for some seaside views and a walk along the beach.
  • Steveston – Drive 20 minutes West and spend some time at the Fishermans’ Wharf. This would make for some unique photos!


My name is Jamie Poh and I have 8 years experience in the industry and have shot over 100 weddings & family sessions.

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