6:00 am mornings. Throw up and mushy poop. Pancakes in the shapes of race cars and butterflies. Moments of oh-sh*t-you-did-not-just-draw-on-the-wall. Kitchen floor meltdowns for who even knows what reason. This is your everyday. While milestones and anniversaries are special because they only come once a year, it’s the other 364 days that you’ll look back on and hold dear to your heart. Rollercoaster days won’t last forever. Don’t wait til too late. Document them now.


What is your typical day like? Is it quiet? Is it chaos? Is your house constantly filled with toys, diapers and bits of crayon? Do items in your purse consist of not only your wallet and chapstick but also fruit snacks and emergency bribes? It may be frustrating now but think 10, 20, 30 years from now. Your kids won’t stay toddlers forever. Day in the Life sessions are so special. This type of session tells a story of your family that’s tough to really explain in words. Sometimes these feelings can only be understood in pictures. Plan the day if that’s what you like to do or be a non-planner and see how the day unfolds.

I may arrive at your home as early breakfast and may stay as late as bedtime. No preparation necessary and don’t worry about clearing your schedule.

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Everyday Family

What do you have planned this weekend? This session is a day of getting out and doing what you love to do or perhaps crossing something off that list of “things we’ve always wanted to do as a family”. This might mean a hike up to an amazing viewpoint or perhaps giving that local ice cream shop a try. Hang out, play, have fun with your family, I’ll do the rest. If you’re looking for images that tell your family’s personalities and story in a way that words can’t describe, but aren’t quite ready for a full Day in the Life session, this is for you.

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Check out my approach to learn more about what to expect from a family session. Expecting a wee one? Click here to learn more about how we can document the welcoming of your new baby.

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