Remember that moment you looked back at that pregnancy test and did a double take at the stick? Family history in the making begins now! These are the moments that your children will look back on in 20, 30, 40 years. They will flip through the albums and see where it all began. From gender reveals, birth right up to the first birthday, year one is an epic journey.


A gender reveal is a great way to build excitement and celebrate with close friends & family on welcoming your new one to the world.









So much change happens from the moment you find out you’re expecting to the day your little one arrives! Let’s not stress!

Maternity sessions are relaxing and casual. Let’s hang out in the comforts of your home, drink tea and read a book. Or we can go for a walk at your favourite park or have a hot drink at your local coffee shop.







Becoming a new parent can be both an exciting and daunting time of your lives. The days leading up to your due date can be a bit hectic or stressful but that moment when baby arrives, all of that goes away.

Moms say that the time when baby arrives is a huge blur. Whether you do take that epidural or just the giggle gas, this is a pretty intense and exciting time of your pregnancy. Instead of holding a camera, dad should be holding your hand!

If you’re interested in having your birth photographed, as much notice must be provided so I can confirm availability. I will be on call to you 24/7 for the 2 weeks around your due date and will make my way to you the moment I get your call.




At your new parent hospital session, I arrive shortly after baby is born for 2 hours to document you as a new family. So put that camera down, spend some time with your new family and you do the memory-making, I’ll do the photo-taking. We can time your session to align with family & friend visits.








Whether this is your first child or maybe second or third, each time a newborn comes home marks a special point in your lives. Life slows down. All eyes are on baby. You can’t help but fall in love over and over again watching little eyes, toes, fingers and those tiny expressions.

I arrive to your newborn session at 6-8 days when baby is still taking long naps. Newborn sessions are slow and delicate. We spend around 2-3 hours together in your home documenting little moments; Diaper changes, swaddling, nursing and just enjoying these little moments together as a family.





At 6 to 8 months, baby is now able to sit up and is super inquisitive about the world Let’s play and explore new places!










Celebrate the christening of your baby at your church and have photos captured of this special time. Continue your celebration at a get together with your close friends & family.









The big milestone birthday and first of many. Whether you’re throwing a birthday bash at home or anywhere else, I’ll be there to capture all the details, friends, family and treats!









They run, they jump, they scream, they tell you “I love you”, they ask for candy, they ask “can we go home now?” and even though you’re exhausted at the end of each day, you love them just the same.

Capture the elementary school years before they head off to high school and start wanting this thing called -privacy-.







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