“Comfort, the enemy of progress” – P.T Barnum

Every now and then, I feel an itch to do something out of the ordinary. Is it just me that feels this way? Last Fall, I made one of the scariest decisions of my life to date… I quit my day job of 6 years to pursue my photography full time.

My goal for this trip was to take a breather, explore the desert on my own and take photos without any time constraints or pressure. I rented a car, drove up to the high desert and stayed in a cute cabin in Yucca Valley. I admit, this sorta put me in a bit of a panic zone. I was on my own and did not have the safety of Ty being around in case anything were to happen. It was also very weird driving from location to location without anyone to share the experience with. But this allowed me to slow down and look for the perfect spots for the best photos.

This was one of my absolute favourite images from my trip. It was my last night in Joshua Tree and second time in the park. My plan this evening was to watch the sunset from my car while eating a bag of kettle corn for dinner (classy, I know!). Once I found my spot (basically where there weren’t any other tourists), I pulled over and waited. I had a bit of time so I decided to pop out for a short walk. They warn travellers not to walk too far into the desert on their own – for good reasons. I didn’t go far, but I spotted this particular tree in the distance. Now, if you’ve never been to Joshua Tree, just note that the ENTIRE park is filled with these quirky looking trees (which are actually shrubs as they do not have rings like trees do). Over the 2 days that I was in the park, I saw tons of these trees but hesitated each time I took a  photo. For some reason, this one caught my attention.

I set my camera up on my little Gorillapod, lined up my shot, hit the timer then sprinted across the grass careful not to step in any lizard burrows (they’re everywhere!). It would have been a funny sight if you were driving by watching me run across the sand. This photo marks a big change in life for me and also signifies new challenges. It’s also super pretty so I can’t help but love it. 🙂

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