Over the years, my idea of a “dream wedding” has gone from the big glitz and glam wedding (ok maybe not, that’s totally not me!!) to thinking “What about an elopement?”.

Together with only their absolutely closest friends and family, Nikki & Adam said their “I Do’s” surrounded by the tall trees and sounds of splashing water of the falls in Lynn Valley.

Prior to the ceremony, they had planned to do an intimate first look together with immediate family. Adam and I head down the trail ahead of time and hung out while waiting for Nikki to arrive. When she got to the top of the stairs behind him, you could see a shift in expression. Most guys will have this “Okay, I got this” look in their eyes before they see their bride for the first time – it’s pretty cute!

She walked down the stairs slowly, her closest aunt and uncle with her. Even though we had no music, you could hear the sounds of the falls in the distance and birds chirping. It was a beautiful Spring day.

Adam spun around and the moment these two locked eyes, the tears started to flow. Oh so cute!

Our plan was to do a quick little photoshoot of the two of them before heading up for the ceremony. We wandered through the trails and in between the trees. Spring is a great time to get right into the forest since the undergrowth hasn’t quite taken over.

We popped back up to a spot they had chosen right beside the 30 ft pool where they would exchange vows. Friends and family were already starting to gather. Pastor James was in place. They had a friend bring a big boom box for music. Friends and family made rows on either side and we began the mini processional. A short and sweet 20 minutes later, they shared their first kiss as husband and wife!!

Friends had helped set up a little gathering area at the picnic tables in the park. There were cookies, crackers, dip, little pies and cute little mason jars for drinks. They turned a plain old picnic area into a gorgeous day at the park party. They had a mini table set up for signing their license and then spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the company of friends & family. There was absolutely no fuss, no stress and very little to clean up!



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