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Maple Ridge Birthday Party | Brixton turns One!

A Simple way to celebrate a first birthday

Tobi and Lee live a simple lifestyle but knew they wanted Brixton’s 1st birthday to be a special one. They planned their party in their beautiful home in Maple Ridge with close friends and family for an afternoon of chit chat, snacks, drinks and a not your usual-cake-smash-cake-smash.

Being an amazing cook, Tobi made a delicious mix of decadent and healthy snacks. From your good ol’ chocolate chip cookie to cornbread, veggies and homemade onion dip and build-your-own tuna or egg salad sandwiches (umm what a great idea!?).

Grandma even got to Facetime with little Brixton. What a great way to celebrate Brixton’s 1st!

PS. Don’t you love the Rasta coloured theme they got going on?

5 Tips on planning a simple first birthday party

Host your party at home
A great way to cut the travel time and moving of decor to a venue is to host at home. Shuffle your furniture to the sides to make space and decorate with streamers, balloons and table cloths.

Create your own decorations
Get crafty and make your own decorations using streamers, construction paper and balloons!

Bake/Cook your own meals and snacks
Even if you’re no Gordon Ramsay, following a simple egg or tuna salad recipe is pretty straight forward. I love how Tobi made giant bowls of filling and included buns on the side so guests could build their own sandwich. This helps limit waste and makes it easy to pack up for leftovers if you need to. Who doesn’t love to build their own sandwich?

You can’t go wrong with Meat & Cheese
So let’s say egg and tuna salad ain’t your thing either, there ain’t nothing wrong with a plate of meat & cheese.

Have a healthy cake smash for your little one
As cute as it is to watch your little 1 year old cover themselves in coloured sugar icing while part of you wonders if this is a good idea, it’ll be just as cute watching your baby devour a healthy butternut squash banana muffin. This healthy option is better for your baby and just as tasty!

Bonus tip for friends attending a kid’s birthday!
It’s super awesome getting cute gifts for baby but even better to gift things like books and money for parents to help save for their education.


My name is Jamie and I have 8 years experience in the industry and have shot over 100 weddings & family sessions. Planning a kids birthday party? I’d love to chat!


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