A year ago today, I tied my hair into little pigtails and handed whoever would give me money a pair of scissors to cut off a lock. Normally I’m pretty brave when it comes to razoring off chunks of my hair. But for some reason, this time around I had the butterflies. I think I was more nervous that no one would show than the actual haircut itself. One by one, people started to show up and my palms started to get clammy! I could hear the scissors grinding along each strand of hair as it sliced through the thick lock.

One minute, I had a full head of hair that was starting to give me neck pains, the next I had a very bare head that could feel the icy cold air flow past my ears. My bag of locks ended up going to Wigs for Kids and all donations went to The Kettle Society.

What I learned from donating my hair

  • It takes a very long time to grow your hair out so patience is important
  • It can be daunting having others take scissors to your hair
  • It’s an incredibly heartwarming experience seeing your community come together to support you & what you believe in
  • It’s an incredibly heartwarming experience giving back to your community
  • You have to be prepared to shave it all off at the end if something goes wrong
  • Make sure you have a toque if you’re doing this in the Winter
  • If you have enough to give, it’ll grow back!

To everyone who came out to chop, watched online, donated money, thank you. Together we raised over $1100 in one hour and I couldn’t have done it without you. When I got home that day, I took a moment to myself to take in what I’d just done and couldn’t help but feel a little emotional. One more year until I have enough hair to give again!


My name is Jamie Poh and I have planned my handful of fundraisers and events! I think that it’s important to give back to your community and always try to think of ways I can be a better person. If you’re planning a fundraiser or considering doing an event like this but aren’t sure where to begin, I’d love to help!

Let’s chat.

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