Family Event Photography for LITTLE ADVENTURERS

The preschool age is one of oodles of energy. What better place to burn those calories at than Jump Gymnastics! Ethan was born with personality. You can pretty much feed off his excitement just watching him. With a huge smile on his face, this little dude was jumping, laughing and screaming with excitement to get into the play area where to us grown-ups are just simple structures that relate closely to that of exercise equipment and some colourful mats but to these 3 year olds is an amazing playground where there just isn’t enough TIME to play at!

The facilitators at Jump are experts and sat everyone down in a circle to go through some ground rules before letting the wildlings into their amazing play area. The kids were taken through each type of obstacle and taught some basic gymnastics and life skills like how to flip and roll (uhh, did I say that right?).

After a lot of running, jumping, bouncing and swinging, it was time to head upstairs for treats and cupcakes. Ethan was so excited, he couldn’t wait to blow those candles out. Good thing mom was quick to protect the cupcakes from a little extra moisture!

If you’re looking to plan a birthday party for kids with tons of energy, Jump Gymnastics is your place to go. And well, if you’re looking for a photographer to capture a very active party, well, you’re in the right spot!


My name is Jamie and I have 8 years experience in the industry and have shot over 100 weddings & family sessions. Planning a kids birthday party? I’d love to chat!


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