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Quarry Rock Proposal | Mike & Bonnie

Ready for the big proposal?

I’m a sucker for rom coms.  You know that the moment when the your beau goes down on one knee and pops open that felt box, fireworks go off and that little pool of tears start to form in your eyes? It’s totally cheesy and it’s the exact same feeling I get when I photograph a proposal.

Mike & Bonnie are frequent hikers. It’s not uncommon for them to do a short trip up to Quarry rock in the evenings after work but this evening was different. For some reason, Mike wore jeans and carried a daypack which was very unusual for him. Sometimes, it’s best that we pick our battles and not question what our partners are up to.

Since this was a surprise, I arrived at the base of Deep Cove ahead of both of them and made my way as quickly up the trail as possible. While I do love hiking, this was the quickest I’d ever hiked this one! 20 minutes and I was at the very top. I patted myself on the back! The plan was for me to hide along the edge so that Bonnie wouldn’t see me – she didn’t!

Both of them took a few moments to enjoy the view. Mike took a quick peek around the corner and made eye contact with me (Something I hadn’t mentioned. I had never met Mike or Bonnie in person before. All I had to go by was a photograph) to make sure we were set to go. He opened up his pack and carefully snuck the ring box into his pocket. When the moment was right, just like in the movies, that magic happened.

I snuck back down the trail and Bonnie had no idea until the photos were delivered – way to make the surprise even more special!!


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