Your Wedding Day

Our journey together begins with a chit-chat. You receive a complimentary consultation where we meet to get to know each other. During this time, we chat about each other, what your wedding photography dreams are, if we can both work well together as well as you'll get to check out some sample prints & albums. We come up with a base collection of time and products that you're interested in based on our discussion and your ideal vision for your photographs and I will email you a quote for this collection after our meeting. 


Good things take time and the last thing I want is for you to feel rushed on your wedding day. With that being said, every wedding day is slightly different based on each couples wants and needs. I recommend taking the time to consider how your day will look like in a timeline starting with your Ceremony start time as well as your Grand Entrance start time whether you're having a Lunch or Dinner reception. Next, consider what portions of the day you'd like photographed. When I photograph, I shoot for story and always recommend that I'm there from Getting Ready up until Reception when your dance floor opens. The entire length of photography coverage depends on the length of your day.

Consider a First Look

A first look is an amazing portion to include in your day. Here are some reasons why:

  • More intimate setting with just the 2 of you
  • Get all your nerves and butterflies out before walking down the aisle
  • Potential opportunity to move Family Portraits up prior to your ceremony so you can head right into cocktail hour after you share your "I Do's"

A really sweet addition to your First Look images is having mom or dad come see you for the first time when you're dressed and ready to go. Many families cherish these small but heartwarming moments.

A Wedding without family & friends would just be date night

While both of you are obviously the stars of the show, a big part of your wedding photography coverage means capturing those who are dear to you as well. 


Does a documentary photographer capture details such as my shoes, flowers and decor that I've spent months planning? Absolutely! I may not move or stage any of these items however will photograph them in ways that add to your story. 


I encourage you to think about an activity or location that is special to both of you. Ask yourself "Is having photos of both of us at sunset on the beach really a good representation of who we are?". Would heading out to the island for the day be something more fitting? What about beers at your favourite pub? Perhaps spending time at the dog park makes more sense. 

Check out this Bowen Island Engagement Adventure Session.


Planning on popping the big question? Start off your story with proposal photography. We will work together to make sure your secret is well kept. Consider me your official paparazzi photographer. 

Check out this Amazing Race proposal story.


Having an intimate elopement? Elopement collections are perfect for couples expecting 30 guests or under and want to celebrate with just close friends & family.





Having just your witnesses and wedding commissioner to exchange your vows? Say your "I Do's" in the comforts of your home. These images are super unique and just as special. Bonus, you can crawl right into bed after your party!

Make it Tangible

I'm a believer that your photographs are best experienced in tangible form. While we are living in a digital world and I can appreciate the convenience of having your images right there on your phone, enjoying them in print form is really the best way to do it. They say it takes about 10 years before our digital data gets to a point where you either can no longer view your documents, they get corrupted or you need to do some sort of converting of the files to a newer format in order to view them. If you think about it, over the last 10 years, we've gone from CDs to DVDs, from DVDs to USBs and now computers and laptops rarely even have those outputs available. Click here to check out 5 reasons to print your photos.

Ready to book?

So how much will this cost and how will we know we're a good fit? The best way for us to get to know each other is by meeting face to face. We'll get to know each other, discuss your wedding plans and get more in depth with specific details. After our chat, I'll send you a custom quote based on our discussion. Fill in the form below with more details about your wedding day and include everything you're wanting to capture in photographs. I'll be in touch soon to set up a meeting date. | 778-868-0428

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