Our journey together begins with a chit-chat. You receive a complimentary consultation where we meet to get to know each other. During this time, we chat about each other, what your wedding photography dreams are, if we can both work well together as well as you'll get to check out some popular products. We come up with a base collection of time and products that you're interested in and I will email you a quote for this collection after our meeting. 

My Recommendation

Good things take time and the last thing I want is for you to feel rushed on your wedding day. Most couples have found a comfortable amount of photography time to be around 9 hours. This includes enough time to cover Getting Ready until Reception in most cases. 

The Autograph Collection $3200

  • 9 hours photography coverage
  • One Photographer, One Assistant
  • Social Sharing Digital Files
  • $850 Luxe Heirloom Album Credit

An Engagement Session is always included in any Wedding Collection so we can test the waters and get used to working with each other as well as a Design Session so we can work together to bring your photographs to life in print.

Your Wedding is not a cookie-cutter production. Want a more customized quote? Fill in the form below with more details about your wedding day and include the estimated amount of hours you're hoping for and I'll be in touch soon.


Social Sharing Digital Files are readily formatted for web use. These images are excellent for sharing online, via email or on Social Media sites such as Instagram or Facebook. Every photograph from your collection has been carefully curated and then edited to perfection ensuring things like colour, composition and overall aesthetic has not been missed. While these are meant for sharing via the World Wide Web, they are also printable up to 4"x6".


Print-friendly Digital files, otherwise also known as High-Resolution Digital files offer a little more bit & byte data in your photographs. These files are formatted specifically for printing & enlargements to ensure that your photographs are of highest print quality. These files are great if you want to print at a lab of your choice or make prints & enlargements further down the road.


  • 4 hours coverage
  • Single Photographer
  • Social Sharing Collection
  • Approximately 150 - 200 photographs

Starting at $1100


  • 2 hours coverage
  • Single Photographer
  • Social Sharing Collection
  • Approximately 100+ photographs

Starting at $800

Make it Tangible

An ideal product pairing for Elopement & License Signing Collections is a 16"x20" Custom Framed Enlargement and a 40 image Luxe Heirloom Album in 12"x12" starting at $1300. Get your Elopement Digital & Print products covered for under $2500.

Learn more about Albums & Fine Art here

Want a more customized quote? Fill in the form below with more details about your wedding day and include the estimated amount of hours you're hoping for and I'll be in touch soon.


Do I need a Second Photographer?

Having a Second Photographer has its benefits. Booking a second allows us to capture things that may be happening simultaneously as well as capture alternative angles. Situations where a Second Photographer is beneficial:

  • Getting Ready with 2 different locations
  • Ceremony - both your reactions as well as guests
  • Cocktail hour & Family Formals 
Why do you offer Social Sharing Digital Files?

Social Sharing Digital Files are readily formatted for web use such as email and on Social Media such as Instagram & Facebook. These are also printable up to 4"x6".

With flexibility in mind, I offer Social Sharing Digital Files as an option and base point. Not everyone wants or needs the full meal deal but rather than lumping everything into a large Collection, you now have the option to choose what you want. Upgrade to the High-Resolution collection for $500 so you can create enlargements if you wish.

What does the $850 Luxe Heirloom Album Credit get me?

After your wedding, your images are curated, edited and then the top 40 are chosen to be designed in your Luxe Heirloom Album. This album is:

  • 12"x12" in dimension
  • Lays flat when open
  • Is printed on Archival Grade Photographic paper
  • Is custom designed to tell your story
  • Comes with a basic protective box

Customize it further with these upgrades:

  • Custom box to match your album cover $225/box
  • Name embossing $100/album
  • Add to your story $35/image

Receive 25% off when you purchase parent copies.

Why do you offer a 12"x12" Album?

There is a magical feeling that happens when you view your images in print and especially when printed in the proper sizes. After trialling a few different size options of albums, I've found that this is the most ideal size of album that doesn't break the bank but still allows you to view your photographs in a great size. As a 12"x12" layflat album, the largest length across for an image is 24" and many photographs end up being around 5"-10" across when placed in the design.

You've invested a lot into your big day and this is the one tangible item that you'll end up keeping for decades and then passing down to your children. I promise the feeling you'll have when you flip through your album is worth every inch and penny.

Why should I print with you?

jmeshoots works with professional labs that offer Archival Grade products. This means that the types of inks, dyes and papers that are used have been tested to guarantee the longevity of the products.

Our Fine Art Prints are all printed on Fine Art Photo paper from Germany with a certified tested lifespan of over 100 years in common displayed formats such as in a frame with glass or UV spray.

Our Heirloom Albums have been handcrafted in Italy with love and care, are printed on layflat Fujifilm paper and are guaranteed to last generations. A protective box is always included with all album purchases to ensure your album is kept in the best condition away from elements such as water, moisture, dust and UV rays.

jmeshoots believes that the process to preserve your memories should be simple, fast, reliable, professional and fun!

Do you deliver RAW files?

You don't pay tons of money to a chef to serve you a raw meal that hasn't been sliced, cooked or seasoned to perfection. This is the same when it comes to RAW files. You're investing a large amount of money into your photographs which means the curating, editing and retouching comes along with it. RAW files are not released as they are not a true representation of my craft. 

What if I need to add more time closer to my Wedding?

No worries at all. I suggest booking a comfortable amount of time based on where you see your itinerary landing at now. Come closer to your wedding day when your schedule is a lot clearer, feel free to add more time then. Just be sure to let me know at least 30 days prior to your day when your final payment is due.

How do I receive my photographs?

All Collections are delivered through a dedicated Online Gallery. You will receive an email with a link to your gallery where you can view, share, download and purchase products from. This allows you easy access to your images from anywhere where you have an internet connection.

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