So you’ve gotten professional photos taken of your family and you’ve got your files, now what? More often than not, these files get stuck into folder on your hard drive and are waiting to be turned into something tangible. But life happens, the kids head back to school, your regular routine starts, there’s afterschool activities like soccer and art class. Soon the weekend arrives and you’ve got birthday parties to attend and dinner with the grandparents. Days turn to weeks and then into months and by the time you’ve realized your photos are still just bits and bytes hidden in that folder, you’ve all changed as a family and it’s pretty much time to take next years photos.

Warm up the walls in your home by printing a few enlargements. They’ll definitely bring joy even on the darkest of days. Print a few in an album so that when you do have a moment on the weekend, you can flip through and remember those moments in time.

Here are some simple ways to display your images:

In a Frame

This is a classic way to display your favourite photographs. I love walking by photos in my hallway and remembering what we were up to during that moment in time. They’re such a great way to warm the room up – even on the rainiest of days. Selecting a frame can be a bit tough if all you’ve got to work with is the frame aisle at Wal-Mart. But going to a custom frame shop can get quite daunting – I know I felt that way when walking into my custom frame shop at first. All those sample¬†corners on the wall just make you want to turn around. I’ve spent a lot of time trying different shops and have selected a great company that shows extreme care when it comes to your art. Each and every frame that comes out of my lab has been custom cut in a shop in Italy and then assembled with great care here in Canada by yours truly.


In a shoebox

Well, it doesn’t need to be in a shoebox per say! Any box will do. My favourite is to keep my images in a nice wooden box that matches the earthy feel of my condo. These little keepsakes are such a great way to hang on to your memories. These photos make me pause to flip through them. Definitely a great activity to do with your partner or kids and enjoy just a few moments with them in your busy schedule.

A simple wooden stand

I LOVE these little stands custom made by a local woodworker here in BC. These cute little stands require absolutely zero set up. Simply print your favourite images in either a regular lustre/glossy or Fine Art Print and stick em in the stand! These are great if you’re like me who loves to switch out my images from time to time and are available for purchase!


I love flipping through albums that my grandparents and parents put together of us all growing up. Albums are an amazing way to keep a whole collection of images together in one spot and to best tell the story of your day and who you are as a couple or family. Create one each year to hand down to your kids once they’re old enough. I know they’ll be super grateful to have these memories. Need design work done for your album? Let’s get together to chat design!



Don’t have space in your home? I get it, not everyone has a ton of wall space for large prints. Slideshows are amazing ways to relive your memories in digital format and are like a mini-movie. Take the slideshow with you on your laptop or phone to watch anywhere you go. Slideshows can be purchased with your Wedding or Family collections.

Like any of the items above? These are all available to you for purchase. Let’s chat about how we can best display your favourite images.


Want to turn your memories into beautiful pieces of artwork? All items above can be purchased through jmeshoots. I’d love to chat more to see how we can bring them to life.

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