Engagement photography gives us both the opportunity to work with each other before the big day. I like to think of the engagement session as something a little more than just photos (more like an Adventure Session!). I challenge you to dig deep and think about what it is that makes your relationship special. What sparked that magic? Is there a place that you want to take photos at that you may have spent a lot of your time when you first started dating? Or perhaps there’s something you want to do that you’ve never done together before. I want to help capture that for you!

Ashton and Colin met over coffee. She worked at the local Starbucks. He frequented the local Starbucks. It was when he noticed she had the same pair of Canucks dice in her car that he knew that this was meant to be.

We’ve been so lucky to have had such amazing weather this Fall and so our afternoon spent driving around Stanley Park was perfect! Looking forward to the big day next year!


My name is Jamie and I have 8 years experience in the industry and have shot over 50 weddings & family sessions. Getting married? I’d love to hear your story!

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