The new jmeshoots

We made our big announcement not long ago but our decision actually started out earlier this year in the Spring. Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around all this change. The last couple years I’ve struggled to keep up and to constantly keep space open in my brain to grow as a business owner. To be honest, it’s been quite tiring!! But the one thing that always reminds me of why I keep going is the people I get to work with on a daily basis. The feeling right after an event or big wedding day is one of my faves!

As we wrap up our last couple weddings of the year, I’ve started to get the ball rolling with changes for 2018 and I’m super stoked to introduce my new branding! Thanks so much Cassie for helping me out with my vision and getting my rebrand done so effortlessly and quickly.

The animal that is embedded into my new logo is a Jaguar! These cats are shy creatures – you’ve probably never seen one in the wild. I know I haven’t! They are also a symbol to “face one’s fears” and of power. Jaguars are beautiful creatures that live in the jungle, love to play in the water and have great vision.

For these reasons, I’ve chosen the jaguar to best represent me as a person, my shooting style and my brand. As we slowly roll into the last few months of 2017, you’ll likely see a slight shift in style. I mentioned in my previous post that I have introduced Day in the Life Sessions into my packaging which I’m super excited about! These sessions are 100% raw. They are not posed or staged. I hope to empower you to be brave and to stop worrying about what the world thinks of you, your kids, the clothing you wear and the food you eat.

I know we’re still months away but, bring it on 2018!

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