Dear Bride & Groom, you should hire me to take your wedding photos. Here are 6 reasons why 🙂

  1. I will fix Your dress so that it’s looking perfect!


  2. I will provide some guidance during your portrait session(there may be some pointing of fingers. I hope that’s ok)


  3. I will brave strong winds, rain and slippery rocks so we can get that epic dress shot (I will also share my windbreaker with you in between shots!)


  4. I will then get epic shots of you braving your way off the slippery rocks.


  5. you won’t see me, but I will be there to capture the emotion & Ambience of your wedding day


  6. I will test all my lights to make sure your first dance is absolutely-perfectly-well-lit!


Jamie Poh | BURNABY DOCUMENTARY Wedding Photographer

My name is Jamie and I have 8 years experience in the industry and have shot over 100 weddings. I’d love to hear your story.

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