OMG You said YES!”

I’m so thrilled that you’re here in search of someone to capture your love and story of you as a couple and your wedding day.


Your wedding day is a big milestone in your life. It’s the joining of 2 people and 2 families. Some couples spend an entire year or longer planning for this big day and the last thing I want is for you to be worried about how it will all pan out. This is your day, enjoy it and don’t worry about fussy schedules or timelines. As the day unfolds naturally, I’ll be there to capture the smiles, the laughter, the happy tears, the shenanigans, the delicate moments and more.


It’s never easy staring at a menu with hundreds of different food options. You’ve already got lots to think about so collections have been carefully created for you. Choose from Single photographer, 2 photographers, Elopement or License Signing. All collections come with Coverage, Print-Friendly Digital files and a 10×10 Handcrafted Linen Heirloom Album to tell the story of your day. All wedding days and couples are different and so upgrades are available to you as well.


While we’re not busy worrying about your photo schedule, this allows you to enjoy your time with friends and family. Spend cocktail hour with your loved ones and have more time to catch up with them, maybe even have a drink or two! It’s your day. Go have fun.



It starts with a big question, a very special question. It takes a huge amount of courage and a bit of planning. Perhaps there will be a ring, or maybe a proposal puppy? Or both?!

Proposals happen quickly. One minute you’re a belly full of butterflies, the next you’re embraced in a big hug full of excitement. Top secret or a planned sneaky surprise, I will work with you to figure out the logistics!








Let’s pretend to be socialites and dress up for the horse races or hop on a ferry and spend a day on the island. Or perhaps nerd out at a cafe and play board games. Whatever wild adventure or quiet past time you’re interested in doing, I’m in!!! Let’s get out there and do something that speaks true to you both as a couple or something that you’ve both always wanted to try but haven’t quite had the chance yet to.

Adventure sessions with me are more of a hangout and there will be none of that awkward posey stuff. Let’s get to know one another whether it’s doing something that’s special for the both of you or something new.

An alternative to a couples session could be that we document an event relating to your big day. This could mean capturing moments at the airport because a special family member has come to visit or perhaps you’re planning one last wild party before you tie the knot.




Maybe you’ve been dreaming of this day since you were 4. Perhaps you hadn’t realized how excited you’d be until the ring was on your finger. Or maybe this is all just so overwhelming and you just want to do something small. Whichever it is, I’m here to capture that for you.

Many couples tell me, “We blinked and it went by in a flash.” It may come with hiccups and a bit of chaos, but it’s still special nonetheless. After the champagne’s been popped and the cake has been devoured, after all the songs have been sung and speeches been read, after you take off those blistering shoes that you knew you should have broken in before your wedding, 3 things remain: Your promises to each other, your rings and your photographs. 

On the big day, it’s important to me that you enjoy yourselves. It’s your day! Smile, laugh and be with your friends and family dear to you.

I photograph your wedding with story in mind which is why all Wedding Collections coverage includes time from the moment your dress/suit goes on until the end of your first dance. I am the sneaky ninja that you won’t know is there capturing you spending time with everyone. Natural smiles, candid and emotional moments are what I am looking for as these are the moments you’ll love looking back on, I promise.



Having an intimate gathering with just 30 guests or less? Or only having yourselves, your witnesses and a commissioner?

Whether it’s a large celebration or just a few guests, your love for each other is just as special. Elopements are a great way to exchange vows and rings with only closest friends & family. It’s your day, you decide how you want it to be.






Your investment includes coverage with 1 or 2 photographers, print-friendly digital files and a 10×10 Handcrafted Linen Heirloom Album.



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