The FCI story

You may not know this, but I found wedding photography on Craigslist. After graduating from film school and having spent countless weeks searching and volunteering gig after gig, I was done! Little did I know that when I stumbled across this post, I’d spend the next 8 years on one big roller coaster ride.

I’d spend the next few months taking time to do a few more freebies to get our flow going. Many hours were spent in a basement helping put together videos as well as in my car during wedding days piecing together same day edits. I watched photographers and videographers come through but not return the following season. At the end of our 4th season together, both of us had similar ideas floating around in our heads. Later that year, we became partners and a whole new level of changes started to unravel.

Being in a working relationship with someone, I’ve learned, is very much similar to that of a personal one. You go through ups and downs. You have to be patient and understanding. Our first year of being partners was very similar to my first year moving out with Ty for the first time. There was a huge level of excitement as we made plans to grow the business. There were disagreements and learning curves but also celebrations and milestones. Our business brought me some of the greatest achievements and some of the biggest challenges in my life. I’ve spent many post-wedding evenings with the music blasting in my car just high on … well… wedding! I’ve also spent a few evenings in tears wondering if I’m even cut out to be a business owner. We spent hours figuring out our brand and our mission. We’ve tossed criticism back and forth and had to learn how to be constructive with our words. We’ve shared many photog nerd moments and also listened to each other vent about common photog struggles. Many a time, Meg would shoot me a very excited text message with a crazy idea to improve our business. Meanwhile, on the other end, I’d be trying to price this out in my brain, weighing the pros and cons. Perhaps we balanced each other out. 😛

One thing that we’ve both had to think about and consider any time we made a business decision was our family. Over the last year, both of us have been thinking about our lives and where we see ourselves living or what kind of lifestyle we want. After months of thought and a trip to Thunder Bay in the Spring this year, Meg saw a sign and it was decided. In a little less than 3 weeks from now, they are driving their little family across the country to start a new life.

What’s next?

It’s a bittersweet feeling going through this change and while Meg and I are going separate ways, I will still be shooting on the west coast!

In the next little while, you’ll be seeing some tweaks to my social media branding and style. I will still be shooting weddings & family photography and am super excited to be introducing Day in the Life sessions to my line up for 2018! Fellow photogs and planners, I am still available for weddings, second shooting as well as capturing any family milestones and events this and next year! 🙂

For now, here are a few photos I dug up from our FCI drives.

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