In 2010, Family Creative Imagery (my last company) was just in its infancy. Megan and I had just finished our first wedding season together. She & Jon were tying the knot at the end of November. So of course, they asked me to shoot photos for them.

Fast forward to Nov 2015, and Jon & Meg celebrated their 5th anniversary!! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. The coolest part is that I feel like I have been a part of their journey having worked alongside Megan all these years.

To celebrate, Jon & Meg thought it was fitting to commemorate their 5-year milestone with a photo session, and where better to have photos taken but their favourite weekend getaway spot Whistler Mountain.

This was the first time I’d been up to Whistler in the Summer, so it was a pretty big change of scenery for me. The three of us got into our gondola, and we watched as bikers sped downhill and took in all the colours of plants below us. Halfway up we spotted a black bear; he was just chillin’ in the grass. When we got to the top of Whistler, we stepped out into the endlessness of nature; no tall concrete buildings, nothing but the fresh scent of mountain air, and the rustling of the grass as the wind blows through. It was truly invigorating!

As a photographer, I am rarely ever in front of the camera. In fact, being in front of the camera actually makes me quite nervous! Megan too!

How did they conquer this fear? We did shots of tequila of course!!! (Note – This method may not be for everyone!! Maybe you’re a whiskey couple… jk)

Even though this was clearly a planned photo shoot, it started to feel more like we were just out doing what we normally do on weekends; hiking, enjoying nature and taking in the beauty of BC. We explored the trails and discovered some amazing vistas! The trees towered over us and the fall colours were incredible. We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Jon was like a kid in a candy shop – only the candy was a bright red helicopter. We all watched as the helicopter took off and landed from their sightseeing tours.

A quick ‘costume change’ behind a tree was executed, and we snapped a few more casual shots up top. Before we knew it, 2 hours had passed, and we realized we were starving.

The one thing I love about Whistler is how close nature can be. On our way back to the gondola, we spotted a couple grouse, like the bear, just chillin’ in the grass. How neat!

We made our way back to the gondolas to head down to the village.

Meg & Jon took me to their fave spot to grab some dinner; Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub. They have an amazing year-round patio right at the base of Blackcomb. During the winter, they love to warm up by the outdoor fire pit and have a beer after snowboarding all day. I had to get my fave, the Sherperd’s Pie. (It was delicious!)

We needed to refuel before the second part of our adventure; The Search for The Whistler Train Wreck! Megan had mentioned the Whistler Train Wreck previously. None of us had been there before, but it just sounded too cool not to see!

The parking lot was about a 10-minute drive away from The Village, followed by a 25-minute walk through winding zig-zag unmarked trails. We found a few awesome spots along the way and a couple amazing waterfalls! After thinking it was just around the corner for the third time, I started to think we might not find the train wreck before it got dark. However, Jon was sure that Google Maps was leading us in the right direction, and told us to trust him. We came around a bend and ahead of us there it was…. train cars! About a dozen cars – all abandoned, old, rusty, and covered in graffiti.


Finding something so out of place in the forest had a very surreal feel to it. All of us were stoked to have finally found the site, but after a bit of exploring in and out of the train carriages, there was almost an eerie ghostly feeling to it. It made for a cool grungy look!

As we started to lose more light, we made our way back to our cars and raced the sunset home along the Sea to Sky highway. I don’t know about Megan & Jon but I had an adventure that day I will never forget. (And I slept like a log that night!) What great way to celebrate an anniversary!!

Happy 5th Anniversary guys!! Here’s the next 10!!

Planning your day trip to Whistler

  • Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub – Who doesn’t love Irish comfort food? You can’t go wrong with a hot shepherds pie
  • Whistler Sight Seeing Pass – Going in the summer or just wanting a day pass? Even if you don’t snowboard or hike, the trip up on a gondola is worth it for it’s breath taking views!
  • Whistler Train Wreck – Ready for an adventure? The Whistler Train Wreck is tucked away along the Chekamus River. Park your car on Alpha lake and take a short 30 – 40 minute walk through the trails to find the colourful train cars. The view is surreal.



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