Artist . Photographer . Storyteller

I document your biggest milestones in true, organic fashion. Together, we’ll dig deep, we’ll play and get dirty, we’ll dance and laugh, we’ll adventure up to beautiful lookouts, embrace life’s hurdles and preserve your story for years and years to come.

Daughter . Sister . Wife (Almost)

Portrait of Documentary Wedding Photographer Jamie Poh

Based out of Burnaby and willing traveller, I specialize in candid wedding & family photography, I capture the raw moments and personalities that tell your story. In a nutshell, I've been documenting weddings and families since 2010. You'll find me spending a lot of my time outdoors, hiking, camping, and travelling our beautiful BC backyard. I'll take you up on a beer and ramen date any day and will go on an island boat adventure with you if that's your thing. I'm recently engaged (yeee!) and am currently making plans for our big day. Learn more.


First comes love, then comes ... the proposal, the engagement, the wedding (or elopement!), and then your family adventure begins. Whether you're looking to escape into the woods to tie the knot with just your witnesses or a big-bust-out-on-the-dance-floor party, your wedding is a day filled with emotions and excitement. Wherever it is you are in your journey through life, I look forward to helping you document it in the best way.


Life is fleeting. One minute you're on date number 1 and poof, you've got a house, 3 kids, a dog, a chinchilla and a hobby farm where you'll sit out on the porch to watch the sunset together into your retirement. I've known for many years that I was meant to be a photographer but it wasn't until my grandmother passed away that I truly realized why I continued to passionately photograph EVERYTHING. Time doesn't stand still for anyone. Photographs are an investment on your memories. Many clients reach out to me years later with heartfelt appreciation for the photographs they still have of their wedding and their kids. This is why I keep doing what I do and I hope you'll trust me to help you do the same for you.


I am a documentarian. This means I don't bring big fancy lights, I won't tell you to be someone you're not and it is not your job to worry about being a supermodel for photos. If you want supermodel photos, there are lots of other photographers out there who can do that for you. Documentary candid photography is about the story and the best way to tell yours is for you to just ... be you. I'll do the rest. Learn more.

"Jamie is a unicorn - the kind of photographer you dream about, hope to find, but don't really think exists! Her keen eye and discrete presence guaranteed that my complicated, 7-location, 45 person surprise proposal was indelibly remembered. In fact, her enthusiasm for our day almost outmatched my own! I would hire Jamie again in a heartbeat!" Dara + Nata