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The moment they come down the aisle and your heart starts to race. This is it. The beginning of your journey together with your forever person. That smile your 3-year-old gives you even when they’ve just drawn ALL OVER the wall with Crayola markers. This is it. Your family’s legacy in the making.


Portrait of Documentary Wedding Photographer Jamie PohHey I’m Jamie

I’m a Nationally Accredited, Award-Winning Documentary Wedding and Family Photographer. I’ve spent the last decade helping clients like you document your wedding milestones and journey into parenthood in true candid fashion. We spend our lives making memories. From choosing your life partner to buying a new home and starting a family. Sometimes there are fur babies in the picture. Sometimes chosen family. When we stop to look up at the walls of our homes, imagine feeling the warmth of being able to go down memory lane and back to where it all started. Picture yourself pausing in the middle of the day with a cup of tea and feeling warm sunbeams through the blinds of your living room on your face as you admire your life’s accomplishments. Your first kiss, your first Christmas, your first child, their first birthday. This is what it’s all about and I’m so excited that you’ve chosen me to help you with this journey.



Family has a picnic at Whytecliff Park

Jamie Poh is an Elopement and Family Photographer servicing Burnaby, BC and Greater Vancouver. She specializes in a documentary approach to her photography.


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