It’s been quite a number of years since we’ve spent the New Year back in Malaysia or Singapore. As a kid growing up, I have memories of celebrations held at my grandparents home in Malaysia. My grandparents would host Reunion dinner in their front yard with big tents set up. Throughout the festivities, family and friends would come pay their respects and everyone would sit around the living room catching up, eating snacks and sipping on cool chrysanthemum tea.
My Ah Mah (dad’s mom) would make her famous fried meatballs that everyone would look forward to having each year. These meatballs were saved for only special occasions. As the years went by, this recipe was passed down to my aunt who has continued to make Ah Mah’s special reunion dinner meal. Although our family hasn’t celebrated the New Year quite in the same way that we grew up celebrating, this year felt quite different with Ah Mah not being around anymore. But I’m sure that all of us have found some comfort in continuing the tradition and keeping these memories and recipes alive.


My name is Jamie and I have been documenting the lives of couples and families over the last 9 years. Do you have a family recipe that has been passed down or a tradition that your family keeps going year after year? I’d love to help preserve those memories for you.

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