This is my little family. We love to hike, drink coffee, travel, drink coffee while travelling. Ty loves Whitespot (because they make good gluten-free burgers) and I love Ramen (but I can’t eat it when Ty’s around. Gluten and all.) We compromise and have sushi sometimes.

We have a tiny dog named Buhda and love to give her a new name every few months to keep life exciting for her. She tolerates us and we love her very much.

Born and raised in Singapore, I have been living in Canada for close to 2 decades now and will take you up on a Poutine date any day. Ty teaches me what it means to be Canadian. Like how you shouldn’t slam on the gas if you’re stuck in the snow and how you shouldn’t push or touch others on a crammed Skytrain … eh?

I’ve been learning about my heritage over the last few years and have found out that 1. My grandfather was adopted (What!?) and 2. I have Thai Royalty in my blood, which means I’m a Thai princess (Or as Ty says, Ty’s Princess).

I love sitting in the middle of my living room on a sunny afternoon with the sunbeams shining in through my blinds. In the corner is a little collection of photo albums of trips and memories we’ve made over the years. Like that time Ty had nostalgic memories of canoeing as a kid and convinced me to go with him but nostalgic memories soon turned into an almost capsizing nightmare. I swore I wouldn’t talk to him ever again the entire way back to shore. That time we took a trip of a lifetime to Belize and stayed in the jungle 3 hours away from the airport with no cell service. And that time he convinced me to “wing it” and drove us South along the coast all the way to the end of Oregon and back. All these memories carefully preserved so that when we want to, we’re able to look back at them in comfort.

Having your photograph taken is very personal so I hope that you can relate to what you’ve read about me and that we can be friends. If you’re looking for someone you can share a beer with after a short hike, be goofy and silly with and take some amazing photos of you, you found her.

Your story is worth telling and I’d love to tell yours.

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PPOC Accredited Photographer Seal


It is my continued goal to achieve the highest standard in professional photographic arts. I earned my Accreditation in Wedding Photojournalism in 2019 with the Professional Photographers of Canada where my images were judged by a panel of master photographers across the nation. Learn more about hiring an Accredited Professional Photographer.



Three Best Rated

I’m proud to share that I’ve been ranked Three Best Rated in Burnaby in 2020.