Choosing your Photographer

You'll find on your search for your ideal photographer that there are different styles. I believe you should choose a photographer whose work you're drawn to and whose personality you love. After all, photography is very personal.

With each style of photography comes a different amount of time required to achieve those types of shots. For example, a posed, fashion magazine-style photo will take a lot of lighting set up in order to get those shots. This is great to be aware of when planning your timeline as well as hiring your photographer. I recommend considering what is important to you when it comes to photography. 

When it comes to your wedding and family milestones, I am not your studio portrait or glamour magazine style photographer. I don't show up with a ton of gear or lighting and the event does not turn into a supermodel session. 

I like to keep things simple and minimal and ultimately I'm on a constant lookout for elements that help bring your story together such as your venue, your decor, your choice of colours but more importantly the people you've chosen to celebrate with you and of course, both of you!

For family and couples, my sessions are activity-based which means I ask that we plan your shoot around an activity. Many families and couples like to pick their favourite foods and parks to have a picnic or perhaps a day picking berries at a farm. Consider what you love to do together and what activities you'd like photographed.

Connecting with you and your loved ones

I ask that we have a virtual meeting or phone call before your booking so that we can get to know each other. You wouldn't invest in someone or marry them without first exchanging text messages, talking on the phone, and going on a date right? This is the same for us - in a much more condensed way of course! By getting to know you, your hopes & dreams and a bit more about your personality, I am able to focus on what's important to you and get images that you'll love for years to come.

During your event or session, my goal is to blend into your family dynamic. I love chatting with guests and joking around with your family. When they're comfortable with me, they'll be comfortable with being photographed.

A Candid Approach

Now that I know you, I am able to look out for those moments that are important to you. I keep my eyes peeled for certain people and am able to anticipate a bit more as I photograph your event or session. As I mentioned, I create images that tell your story by capturing everything from your venue, details, choice of clothing, and colours to movement, expressions, and actions. 

The best part about not planning out every single shot is that spontaneity can happen. If one of your friends is busting out on the dance floor all of a sudden, you'll likely find me dashing over to capture that. At your family session, this might be your 3-year-old making silly faces or bouncing on you for a hug.

This means that I don't tell you what to do, how to be, where to look or what to do with your hands. This unfolds naturally. 

Creative Portraiture

Okay, so while your event is 95% unposed, there are a couple of moments that we may pop away to have some portraits taken. This time is kept to a minimum so that I can ensure you have most of your day/session is spent being with your family.

A portrait is a simple image where all parties are looking at the camera and smiling (Or making goofy faces!)

There are 2 sections of your wedding day where I may offer a bit of guidance in order to get your wishlist of portraits. 

1. Family Portraits
2. Wedding Party and Couples Photosession 

I encourage you to check out my Wedding Page for a sample timeline of what your day could look like. 

Candid Family Sessions + Portraits

Most of your family session is unguided and candid similar to a wedding or event. If you have a must-have portrait list, please be sure to let me know so we can quickly get those taken for you. 

We spend no more than 5-10 minutes on these and I will offer some guidance for posing and where we may have the best light. The remainder of your session is captured in a candid unposed fashion. Learn more about family sessions

Why are portraits important too?

Having the few must-have portraits of you with your loved ones ensures that everyone is happy. If your elopement/wedding/family session includes other family or friends, they may not know that you don't want posed images entirely.

Parents and grandparents love these and they're a great way to document everybody together in one place at the same time. Again, I aim to keep these sections of the day short and sweet so you can continue doing what you should do which is enjoying your day and spending time with family.