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My Approach

Photographs spark memories of times that we may or may not remember. Or times that have been stuffed into to the abyss of our busy minds and everyday chaos. But the moment you pull up that print of your family beach days, those memories get brought to the front and somehow feel as if you’re going back in time again. You remember the way you felt, what was going on, the smell of the air at the beach and the people who were there with you like your mom and sister. You’ll remember the silly bowl hair cuts and insanely large T-Shirts.


A Candid Approach

There are many words for the visual narrative or documentary approach. Some might call it, “Candid”, “Natural”, “Authentic”. In the photography world, it’s also known as “Reportage” or “Photojournalistic”. Terminology aside, this unorchestrated way of photography tells a strong story of you and of humanity in the most honest and impactful fashion.

When I photograph your wedding day, I’m looking for details to tell your wedding story in its entirety from your choice of location, wedding decor and colours, your dress and tux, to your interactions with your loved ones and perhaps even your dad shedding a couple tears (And you thought he NEVER cries). A more candid approach to photography allows your day to unfold naturally without someone telling you what to do, where to look and how your day should be. Heck, all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy! This is your day and I’ll capture the beauty of it as it is.

A full wedding gallery sample can be requested so you can see what type of images you may expect for your day.


How do I prepare for this style of photography?

Be you. It’s that simple 🙂


Creative Portraiture

While your wedding is photographed in 99.56% unposed fashion, there are a couple of moments that we may pop away to have some portraits taken. This time is kept to a minimal so that I can ensure you have most of your day to spend with your family, not away from them.

1. Family Portraits
2. Wedding Party and Couples Photosession

A tiny bit of guidance will be offered here to ensure we get all the photographs on your wishlist.


Day in the Life Family

My family sessions are not your usual pop out to the park portraits. Capturing your family’s story in it’s true and honest form means hanging out and doing activities that your family ACTUALLY does together.

I want to capture your every day whether that’s baking up a storm in your kitchen with the kids or a morning at IKEA for $2 breakfast.

Your Investment