A Candid Approach

There are many words for the visual narrative or documentary approach. Some might call it, “Candid”, “Natural”, “Authentic”. In the photography world, it’s also known as “Reportage” or “Photojournalistic”. Terminology aside, this unorchestrated way of photography tells a strong story of you and of humanity in the most honest and impactful fashion.

When I photograph your wedding day, I’m looking for details to tell your wedding story in its entirety from your choice of location, wedding decor and colours, your dress and tux, to your interactions with your loved ones and perhaps even your dad shedding a couple tears (And you thought he NEVER cries). A more candid approach to photography allows your day to unfold naturally without someone telling you what to do, where to look and how your day should be. Heck, all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy! This is your day and I’ll capture the beauty of it as it is.

A full wedding or family gallery sample can be requested so you can see what type of images you may expect for your day.

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Do what make sense for you

So not everyone loves hiking trails. Not everyone goes to IKEA. Not everyone likes the colour blue. All I’m saying is, do what makes sense for you.

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Albums + Art

We live in an age where snapping a photo and sharing it online is basically like breathing. But what happens when technology advances, or when it decides its life has come to an end in 5, 10, 20 years or when that computer gets a virus? Where will your photographs be then?

I love technology. I love the fact that I can share what I’m doing right now with my family overseas so they can be a part of my experiences too. But I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a printed photograph.

There is something special about holding a tangible item in your hand. It’s real. I believe that your favourite memories should be preserved in print. But sometimes that process of picking and choosing what to put on your wall can be daunting. This is why I’ve made it easy for you.

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