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I’ve watched this family grow from when Presto was just celebrating his 1st birthday up until now, welcoming the newest member the family to the clan. We went out to Cates park in the Fall to photograph the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Thank goodness we had amazing weather. Just a year ago, Elissa and I struggled to schedule a date due to the crummy weather we had in 2016. This Fall day, however, was beautiful with the sun shining and plus 18-20 degree temperatures! As someone who lives in the Greater Vancouver Area, this is just icing on the cupcake.

All my sessions are pretty laid back. I usually set a little bit of an expectation in the sense of what spots we’d start photographing at and where we’d likely finish. Everything in between unfolds naturally. This family is just too cool for school as they whipped out their matching sunnies and did a bit of a catwalk down the pier. Little Presto, now over 2 years old was just rocking his shades and amazed at how different the light looked with them on. He’s still such a little heartbreaker!

What seemed like the perfect afternoon soon went a little sideways after playing a bit of swinging with mom and dad. All of a sudden Preston’s emotions made a turn and tears started to flood. At first, all of us thought that a little cheering up would do the trick. I always keep a little surprise in my camera bag just in case moments like this pop-up. Unfortunately, even my paw patrol noise maker didn’t do the trick! Presto was in pain and all of us decided to call the shoot off and try again another time. Mom and dad rushed P to the hospital to get his arm checked out and I headed for home. Just as I got back, I got a text from Elissa saying that he’s a-ok! Just a little dislocated elbow is all! Yikes! Poor little guy!

By then, we’d already lost quite a bit of sunlight so we postponed the session to later on that week. Can you say bipolar weather pattern? Snow was in the forecast that day! While the weather was a bit dreary, this family were all smiles. Preston got a chance to show me his batting skills. I got in real close. Dad threw the ball and right away, *SMACK*, this ball went flying and so did P all around the park. I’m glad that ball was made of foam or I might need to start wearing a helmet to sessions.

We ran around the park, jumped in the leaves and enjoyed each others company. Little flakes of snow started to flurry down and that was our sign to head home for a nice mug of hot chocolate.

Oh yeah, did I mention they’re expecting a girl? 🙂



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