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Coquitlam Gender Reveal Photography | Jane & Jason

Welcoming a new baby into the world is an incredibly exciting time for both parents and grandparents. While the gender shouldn’t matter, hosting a gender reveal is a great way to celebrate with your loved ones.

Jane & Jason celebrated with family, close friends & co-workers at their parents home in Coquitlam. A table of appies, bubbly and all sorts of tasty snacks were put out. Jane had mentioned to me that when she first told Jason about a gender reveal, he sort of shook his head and was extremely confused as to what this was. As he did more research, the excitement of this grew inside of him and arrangements started being made. Of course, the biggest part of planning such a party is figuring out HOW you want to break the news.

Both of them visited their doctor to find out the gender. This usually gets written on a piece of paper and put in an envelope. Parents then have the choice to look or they can keep it a secret. Neither of them peeked and Jason started making arrangements for a special balloon sculpture to be designed. Can you tell Jason was so excited about this? This balloon tower was huge!

As the room started to fill with guests, you could feel the excitement start to grow. On a separate table, they had baby onesies put out for everyone to guess what the gender was. If you guessed right, you’d win a prize!

Soon the time came for the big reveal. Everyone gathered around the big balloon eager to find out what was inside. No one really tells you how to plan these types of events. But Jason had it all worked out. He had fashioned a very pretty looking “pokey-stick” for a lack of a better word. What do you even call it?! It was cleverly covered in pink and blue streamers to match the design of the balloon tower.

Everyone started the countdown, Five…….. Four…… Three….. TWO……. ONE!!!! *POP* went this balloon and the entire room exploded into a big cheer!!!! It’s a boy!!! Moms and Dads could not wait to wrap hugs around these two. I am sure that the reaction would have been just the same had the balloon been pink!

Congrats Jane & Jason on your baby boy! Can’t wait to meet him!

Thanks to Balloon Studio for the custom designed balloon tower!


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