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North Vancouver Newborn Photography | Baby Mia

I love newborn photography sessions in the comforts of your home. Having sessions done in your home tells a greater story of what life is like in those first moments when baby comes home.

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Soczynski family for a couple years now and it puts a huge smile on my face watching this family grow. I photographed baby Mia while big brother Preston took a nap. Mia was not having any of it at first but it turned out she was just a bit hangry. When Presto got up, we hung out in the living room where he shared a little christmas project he had made at pre-school. We marvelled at bobbles on the tree and then Presto decided he needed a little fresh air and threw some snowballs around outside.

Life can be a little tough sometimes when you have to share mom & dad time with a new baby sister so we had a little bit of a toddler emotional roller coaster ride. But that is what makes a mini documentary session so special. While I don’t want there to be tears at all your sessions, know that I’ll be there if you need a shoulder to learn on or a hug!


My name is Jamie and I have been capturing the lives of families over the last 9 years. Expecting a baby? I’d love to document your experience.

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