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Rainy Day Wedding Tips

Rainy Day Wedding Tips to ensure a successful wedding day

We can plan all we want but when Mother Nature needs to run her course, she will. They say that having rain on your wedding day is lucky, but it’s likely not going to be very fun unless you’ve planned for it.

Just because it does rain, however, doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as special. Here are a few tips to prepare for a rainy day wedding.

Rainy Day Wedding TipsTip #1 | Embrace the Gum Boot

Nothing is worse than having soggy and cold feet (literally) on your wedding day. Embrace the gumboot and your feet will be so grateful! There are so many different options of boots to choose from. You could even pick ones of your wedding colours!

Rainy Day Wedding TipsTip #2 | Clear or White Umbrellas are your best friend

On a rainy day, the light tends to be a little more filtered. Staying dry with a clear or white umbrella acts like a natural light filter making your photos look great! (I keep a set of these in my car for all my couples just in case!)

Tip #3 | Tents for your guests

If you’ve chosen an outdoor location for your Ceremony, you’ve likely done this because, well, you love the outdoors. Having to take it inside means your staff need to move chairs and with many venues, this means shuffling the Reception area around to accommodate. If you’ve got the option, white tents are a great way to still have your ceremony outside while keeping your guests dry.

Tip #3 | Blankets for your guests

It’s never fun feeling soggy and cold. Warm blankets offer your guests a bit of comfort and sometimes they even make friends and share with their seatmates. Have fun with it by choosing blankets that fit your wedding decor and vibe.

Tip #4 | Have an amazing family member dry your feet

Perhaps we don’t all have amazing brothers like Miranda here equipped in a full-on rain suit but I’m sure a nice friend or family member wouldn’t mind drying your poor toes… right?

Tip #5 | Embrace the rain and have fun

Sometimes a little rain never hurt anyone. Hug each other more to stay dry and do the sun dance together. I promise the photos will look awesome 🙂


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