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Rocky Point Park Birthday Party | Nate

A year ago I waited patiently for Baby Nate to make an appearance. A year later, here we are celebrating his First Birthday at Rocky Point Park in Coquitlam. Poor little guy woke up from his nap to friends and family eagerly wanting to say hi and play! It really doesn’t sound like a bad deal. Sunshine, cake, family? But to a 1-year-old, that can be incredibly intense!
Jane and Jason had booked the picnic area at the park where food was set up. What a great spot as Pajo’s Fish & Chips is literally a stone throw away. Guess what we had for lunch? 🙂
We ate and played, and took lots of photos with the sign that their friends had made for them. Everyone tried their best to cheer this baby up but nothing was working. Mom decided that the splash park was a great spot to pop out to to cool down. Guess what Nate loves? Water! We finally got some smiles and giggles out of him.
Happy Birthday Nate! Looking forward to watching you walk and talk over the next year!


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