The Modern Memory Maker

We live in a time where thousands of photographs are being taken. Snapshots are posted online, liked, commented on and then they disappear from our minds as we move on in our busy lives.

Why print your photos

The process of slowing down and printing your photographs is so important to me. As I move through my career as a photographer, I look back to hard drives upon hard drives of images I've taken over the years. Drives from 10 years ago can't be accessed anymore. We no longer have CD drives in our computers and the way I see it, the ports on our technology are going to continue to evolve, change, and eventually become obsolete.

The chase to keep up with technology and continued need to update adapters is exhausting to say the least.

You know what hasn't become obsolete? A framed photo. An album. A box of archive prints.

The Heirloom Album

The Heirloom Album I offer is one of my favourites. This 10"x10" album lays flat making it easy to flip through. A minimalistic custom design is provided with your purchase and printed on beautiful, vibrant photographic paper. This album comes with your choice of a few colours of linen covers and an option to print text on the front.

The Collage Frame

This is basically an Instagram grid for your wall. A beautiful 20"x20" frame with a 9 grid mat and nine 5"x5" photographs to best tell your story. Choose from 2 frame colours, maple or charcoal. Framed prints truly warm up the walls in your home and are great conversation starters when you have guests!

The Archive Print Box

A popular choice for many DIY families who love the versatility of this archive box. This includes fifty 5"x7" lustre prints on photographic paper. These prints can be put in frames of your choice, cut up for scrapbooks, gifted to family members or kept for safekeeping in the minimalistic kraft box it comes in.

The Slideshow

For those digital nomads who love to bring their memories with them in their pocket, the slideshow is a great way to see your story edited to music. Share with loved ones while visiting or pull them up on your TV to watch when you're in need of a pick me up. These slideshows are loved by many clients.

Your Investment

Products range between $100 - $1500 depending on how you'd like to display and experience your photographs. A complimentary 60-minute Design Session is available to you to see products available to you. All products have been sourced based on professional quality and longevity to ensure your memories last a lifetime.

*Due to COVID-19 safety, all clients will be provided a pair of gloves when touching products to ensure proper safety measures.