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I am a daughter, a grand-daughter and a sister. I’ve been there at the very beginning of life photographing birth and also and the end when we celebrate the lives of our loved ones.

I believe that candid moments that speak the real you will last a lifetime. Time goes by in a flash (seriously, don’t even blink). My goal with my family photography is to show all the little personalities, the quirks, the chaos and the love that you all share.

Day in the Life Sessions are an amazing way to document your family’s favourite activity to do together or a special time of the day. The best part is, you need not prepare or worry about ANYTHING. Sport your favourite snuggly T-shirt (yes even the one with the many holes in them), forget about make-up and you definitely don’t have to plan your day to a T.

Documentary family photography is about honesty, truth and being your most vulnerable self. I know this can sound daunting. I feel it too. But it’s in those in-between moments, the ones caught in the split of a second, of laughter, of emotions, of chaos and of love that truly matter in life.

If you’re a family who’s looking for a little adventure, who isn’t afraid of getting a bit messy and looking to preserve your family’s legacy, you’re in the right place. I’d love to get to know you.

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