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The Family Narrative

Life is busy, it’s chaotic, it’s a lot of planning but also embracing the unexpected. It’s taking each day as it is and growing together as a family. I aim to capture your family’s story in it’s truest form and to help preserve these little moments in time that I know you’ll look back on and love.

What is your style of family photography?

I photograph your family in a photojournalistic fashion. This means I do not tell you or your kids to sit still, put your hands on your laps and smile for the camera. I am not your Wal-Mart photo studio. I capture the little elements in your life that make you, you. From activities happening in different rooms to pieces of decor or photographs in your home, these images preserve a time in your life that is happening very quickly. I look to capture personalities, quirks and the simple moments of time, childhood and life.

What type of activities should we plan for our session?

The best part of documenting your family in an unposed fashion is you don’t have a ton of planning to do. I encourage you to plan activities that you love doing with your family or something that is very much a part of your day to day. Yes, this might even mean a trip to Costco.

What is your booking process?

It’s recommended that we hop on the phone to get to know each other and your wants and needs from a family session. During this time, I can walk you through collection options and what your plan is to experience your photographs after they’re taken.

A Professional Fee of $250 CAD + GST is required to book your session. This guarantees your time with me and I work with you to schedule a day that works for both of us.

What do I get with your Professional Fee?

This includes 2 hours of photography time and a choice of any activities to fit within that time frame. Digital and tangible products are sold separately and based on your chosen product. I offer Digital files, Slideshow creation, Prints, Albums, Framing and more.

Can I add more time?

Absolutely. Additional photography time can be added for $250/hour.

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