A Family Session with Jamie

Life is not one size fits all. It's busy, it's messy, it's holding in that laugh because your 3-year-old just said a swear word (Where the hell did they learn that word? I mean shi-...). It's being sooo patient even though your 5-year-old just spilled juice all over your new dress. It's breathing through meltdowns and that feeling of warmth every time they look at you and smile. It's giving so much love to your kids and it's embracing what comes your way. It's learning and growing and cherishing each moment both big and small.

A Family Session with me is not your sit pretty and smile type of session. I encourage you to plan an activity you love doing with your family. Let's play. Let's laugh. Let's go for ice cream. But most importantly, let's have fun. During our time together, I will get to know you and your kids and capture our time together. These images are natural, casual and tell your family's story.

Your Investment

Storybook Collection $1100 + GST

  • Up to 2 hours of photography
  • Web Friendly + Print Friendly Digital Files
  • 10"x10" Storybook Album designed by Jamie (Up to 50 top images)

Digital Collection $950 + GST

  • Up to 2 hours of photography
  • Web Friendly + Print Friendly Digital Files

Minimal Collection $650 + GST

  • Up to 2 hours of photography
  • Web Friendly Digital Files

    50% of your chosen collection is required to secure your book. This retainer is non-refundable and is to book time with Jamie. 

    Weekday bookings receive $100 off.


    Yes! All collections are the same for family events and include up to 2 hours of photography. Images are captured in a candid fashion. Additional hours can be added starting at:

    • $350/hour Web Friendly Digital Files
      $450/hour Print Friendly Digital Files

    All Family Sessions include the following:

    • 11+ years experience in photography
    • Photography by Accredited photographer Jamie Poh
    • Photojournalistic style images
    • Pin protected Online gallery (30 days access)
    • Exclusive client access to professional print lab

    I do. Just like my other sessions, maternity photography is captured in a candid fashion. I encourage you both to consider doing an activity that you love together. Perhaps this means grabbing food together at your favourite restaurant or spending time together at home.

    All my sessions are structured to include up to 2 hours. You don’t have to spend all 2 however there is no change in price. This gives us the flexibility and time to capture your family without feeling rushed. Moments and interactions take time and come from spending time together as a family. If you feel like an hour is good enough for you, we can stop there.

    Just like my other sessions, all my photography is captured in an organic fashion. This means I do not rigidly pose you for photos. During a newborn session, what is common is to document your time as new parents. This means, feeding, changing, reading to your newborn or perhaps going on a short stroll around your neighbourhood. If another child is present during this session, it’s documenting the interactions of them with their new sibling.

    Every family is unique. While there are some common activities that families do depending on the age group of your children, it’s encouraged that you consider what you love to do together. Some examples of what families have done have been walks to get ice cream, play days at the beach, short hikes at their favourite parks.