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The Annual Family Portrait

The annual family portrait brings me back to my childhood when we’d travel as a family back to Malaysia. My Ah Gong (dad’s dad) was a passionate hobbyist photographer. While he’d take a lot of candids with his film camera in the home, he made it a point to gather the family for a group portrait in a professional studio. Portraits from years and years before my time hang on the walls of my grandparents’ home. They spark questions about my family history. They offer a sense of belonging in the home. They remind me of special times in our lives when things were much different.

We look back on these photographs when we go back to visit now and remember a happy time. My Ah Mah and Uncle are no longer around and looking back at these photographs gives our family a sense of comfort.

Book your family portrait soon before the kids start driving cars, leave for school and aren’t home anymore. Family portraits are best experienced framed for your walls and also make awesome greeting cards to share over the holidays!

Below are some of my favourite family portraits:

Group family portrait of a family in their yardFamily Portrait in Langley, BC Family Portrait at UBC Japanese GardensVancouver Group Family Portrait Photograph of a family of four in Richmond, BC


My name is Jamie and I’ve been documenting the lives of families since 2010. Capturing the very essence of your family dynamic and helping you create heirlooms to preserve your legacy is what I live and breathe.  Having Holiday Cards made this season? Book your family into a portrait session and get those cards in time for this Winter Season.

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