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Vancouver Urban Winery Wedding | Sam + Miguel

Planning a wedding at the Vancouver Urban Winery? Look no further!
When Sam + Miguel reached out about having their wedding, I just knew it was going to be one full of feels! They told me that the most important thing to them about this celebration was their friends and family. As I started to get to know these guys, it was clear that this was going to be one warmhearted and wild party.
The Settlement Building had nice white walls (photographer’s dream), tall ceilings and cement floors. Tucked in the corner is half a container with its doors open that serves as a bar during the reception – Awesome! Sam + Miguel are both super creative and have an amazing eye for detail. They had an amazing Pantone theme going on with their table numbers, welcome sign and guest favours! Behind each guest Pantone card was a personal note handwritten for each guest. They also doubled up as table placements! Talk about thoughtful and resourceful!
They shared a beautiful ceremony on a mini stage decorated with a beautiful Turkish rug and candles. Friends and family gathered around and you could just feel the love and energy in the air. A short & sweet ceremony later, these two were wed! Guests tossed dried flower petals in celebration – these petals came from Sam’s mom’s backyard in the UK! What a great personal touch.
I love when couples choose to serve dinner family style. It really makes for great conversation having people in front and beside you and heck even if you’re shy, you gotta open your mouth if you want someone to pass the bread rolls!!
You know you’re in the right crowd when the entire room breaks into “Hey Jude” while waiting for a microphone for speeches. Speeches were shared, glasses were clinked and soon it was time to head on to the next part of the evening, DANCING.
It always makes me happy when clients tell me that their favourite part of the day is the dance party. They had dessert brought in by friends and oh snap, can you say late-night Fish & Chips?! The music put on by Man About Town was amazing but it didn’t end there! They had a special surprise performance, Conni Smudge! Seriously, everyone should have a drag performance at their wedding. I can’t even.
Sam + Miguel, thank you so much for choosing me to help capture your amazing declaration of love for one another. Wish you both the best in your marriage together.
This day would not have been possible without the following amazing vendors


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