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West Vancouver Community Centre Event Photography | Presto’s big 3

Documentary Family Event Photography

How do you capture family event photography in a documentary way? You get right in there and run with the kids!


When I first met Preston, he had just celebrated his first birthday. He stared at the little stick of fire on top of the colourful disc of baked sugar. When mom and dad encouraged him to dig into the cake with his hands, he stared back and asked for a fork. Clearly, mom and dad taught him well.

Fast forward 2 years, he’s just turned 3 and a bundle of energy!!! His birthday party took place at West Vancouver Community Centre where all his friends and family got to run around and play in one of their gyms. The kids got to play a variety of different sports such as baseball, hockey and dodgeball, perfect for little pre-schoolers!!! Yes, they’re officially pre-schoolers!!

As the kiddos ran back and forth across the gym, laughing and screaming, parents couldn’t help but participate as well which I thought was adorable. After getting all the energy out of these little ones, it was time to celebrate with a huge birthday tradition … cake!

Presto’s favourite sport is baseball as you saw back in the Fall during the Socynski’s annual family session and boy is this kid good. How old is he again? Naturally, the theme for this little dude’s birthday was sports and mom did an amazing job with all the decorations, from blue and red gift bag to cookies decorated like soccer balls, footballs and of course, baseballs. To top it all off, the cake was a giant baseball.

After devouring their tasty treats, you could feel the energy rise in the room and it was time once again to run around and use up some of that sugar!! Everyone ran back and forth across the room playing What time is it Mr Wolf and tag. As I was crouched down in the middle of their raceway, at different moments, I felt little hands pat me on the back and I became a victim of being tagged too!!!

I felt like a kid again being a part of all the fun and festivities. 🙂 Looking forward to many more birthdays to come!


My name is Jamie and I have been capturing images filled with life and love for families since 2010. Planning a kids birthday party? I’d love to chat!


Photo of group of cute kids inside of a hockey net at West Vancouver Community Centre

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