Family has a picnic at Whytecliff Park
A Whytecliff Park Family Session is for you if you’re looking for a beautiful BC backdrop.

When we start our journey in life, we seem to be given a template path. Often, we follow this path up until adulthood where things just might take things for a turn. Some days are easy. Some days you really just need to sit down and have some waffles.

I was very excited to capture Steve, Meg and their little family. We’d been planning this session for a while but life just got in our way. When a date had finally been put in our calendars, of course, the weather had other plans for us. My rule of thumb is, if it’s not raining, it’s a go and for them, that’s what rain jackets are for.

As I made my way out towards Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver, it started to drizzle and soon, it was just coming down in buckets. I definitely felt it was a bit crazy of me to keep going. But I figured I made it so far out already, I had to at least meet them there to make a final call.

The wind blew and the rain came down. I put on my jacket and covered up as much as I could to protect my cameras. The kids dashed down the stairs and towards the rocks. For those who’ve never been to Whytecliff Park, it’s a rocky adventure right along the water with gorgeous views of the ocean.

The kids ran around and found special hideouts up on different rocks. Oh to be brave like a kid again – my legs increasingly feel like jello the older I get being at such great heights!

We walked, climbed, played and stopped for waffles (Yes, there actually are waffles in this story).

Before we knew it, the rain had stopped and the temperature had actually warmed right up and we each began to strip away our layers just in time for a picnic on the grass. Homemade quesadillas, veggie straws and all sorts of delicious healthy snacks that Meg made.

Saturdays are for adventures with the family and Steve + Meg do it well!